Tuesday, December 30, 2008

i'm in Jakarta

hye there...
now i'm in Jakarta Airports..

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thursday, December 11, 2008

selamat hari raya aidil-adha

salam to all..
just wanna wish to all muslim SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDIL-ADHA..

anyway, there had been a long time i didn't update my blog..actually past few weeks, I'd gone to Beijing with my parents..we stayed there for 5 days..Beijing is such a wonderful place to go for holiday..as we went there in November, its temperature begun to decrease till 5 C..huh, very cold...lots of interesting places we went to..Summer Palace, Bird's Nest Stadium, the Great Wall and Forbidden City..by the way, we also went to the oldest mosque in Beijing..vacation without shopping is nothing ryte??!! so, the tour guide brought us to the 'Pasar senggol' or supermarket..these pasar senggol are different with other pasar..interesting about them is that we need to bargain a lot..for instant, you can get a 500 Yuan bag only by 100 Yuan..huhu...unbelievable..whats more???!! hmmm...i think that's all...it just an enjoyable vacation for me..LBNL, don't just read my experiences there, how about you guys experience it by yourselves..have fun:)

p/s: the pics will be uploaded later..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

lesen oh lesen

selepas tiga kali test, akhirnye berjaye gak aku dpt lesen P...
mungkin ade sesetengah org pikir mende nih pelik..
x kan smpai 3 kali test kot??!?~org kate
inilah kenyataan...
hari ni baru ak pass test jln raye buat kali ke-3..
parking plak due kali test taw..
biarla ape pn kate org..
aslkan aku pass...

result 1st sem..

how to start ek???
lets da story begin..
during da driving class, alyaa just pop up a msg to me..
"ko dh dpt rslt??"
oh what?!?!rslt???never know dat da rslt hd been release on dat day..huhh..cuak seyh..haisy, when da class will end nih??huh..

later..after mgrb, i log in da eramis n check my rslt..dup dap dup dap..how will be my rslt???is it ok??is it bad???hurmmm..how to say ek???not so good la....disappointed :(

what should i do hah?? i think i should concentrate more nxt sem like my friend said :
no more ym
no more movie
no more phone
no more anything..

Friday, November 7, 2008

tired but happy..

yey!! it's WEDNESDAY..time 2 go to sunway piramid..ice skatting..yey!!

waiting for the AIRPORT LINER bus..

at the PIZZA HUT..eating n chatting..there, i met ny old friends : amal n wani hashim..hurmm..but forgot to take pictures with them..

1st time skatting...nervous...from right (ifa, saf, n me)

with the INTIANZ..smiley faces :)

try be like the skaters..maybe can be the champion, who knows..heheh..

syafa n alyaa watched us from up...they went 4 shopping there not skatting..

hurmm...really fun there..but tired coz i needed to went back home straightly from there..need 2 leave my friends enjoying themselves..nway, hope to be on ice again later..maybe in US later :)


alhamdulillah..finally, i'd finish my 1st sem in INTI..wow!! really fast..nvr thought it will be dat fast..nway, totally njoy myself there with new friends..studying, chatting, eating, cooking ( ???) n etc..

hurmm..before dat..how about the exam??? ok?? or not okay???
huh...i admitted that the exam was very hard...but i'd try my best in it..hope i will get excellent result ( 21 nov will show either i was really study or not)..ok bell..just pray to Allah n redha with His decision..

pictures above were taken during the exam week..

Saturday, November 1, 2008

~sunway piramid~

3 days 2 go
sunway piramid is waiting for THE INTIANZ
ice skating


why must dizzy right now...
feel hungry too....
want to study sosio...
what should i do???

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

sTuDy wEeK

there was no class anymore...
it is time to study for the big Final Exam..
hmm..1st Final Exam as a uni. student..is it hard????
no idea..hope can do the best in it..

have i fully prepared??
have i revised everything???
csc, mat, enl, soc ??
am i ready to sit the exam???

really nervous 2 sit the exam..
nway, just do the best k...
pray 2 Allah..
may Allah help me..
Allah is always beside us..


Friday, October 17, 2008


yey!!! we won...finally, our defendant is not GUILTY..there are some pictures after the trial..huh..exhausted but fun...really enjoy my self there..

the judge, lawyers, and co-lawyers

prosecutors n defendants

future dr. ?????

jullie johnson, dr. james johnson a.k.a. john doe, n tiffany tops(me)

gurlz n the playboy lawyer n the wonderful co-lawyer

dr. borges, the judge..


the lawyer, LENNY LAMONE..

happy faces!!!

celebration at as-salam at 12.30 am..huh..

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

tommorow is a big day..

Trial SOC is tommorow..
at 6pm in FOLA..
come n join us..
feel the real case is being solved..

Friday, October 10, 2008

next week..

wednesday : test CSC 101

thursday : trial SOC 103 (court)

friday : test SOC 103

hmmm...really needs to do lots of things...
revision..4 chapters for CSC n SOC..huh..
but i relieved that the SOC test is postponed to friday..
so that, i have time to revise both subjets..

trial??!!what is that thing??
let me tell u...trial is something like court case...
there will be lawyers, jury, prosecutor, defendent n witnesses..
me??!! what do you think i am??
hmm...i am the....cannot tell yet till the trial was ended..
but i among the important role...heheh

wokeyh....bell, continue with your revision!!!!
ok then...daaa~~

Sunday, September 28, 2008

sELaMaT HaRi RayA :)


ramadhan hampir tamat...
kini syawal pula menjelma...

dikesempatan ini, saya ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya kepada semua rakan-rakan saya serta muslimin dan muslimat yang lain.....

mohon maa
f jika tersalah kata, terkasar bahasa dan terguris hati...

semoga syawal ini dapat kita bergembira di samping keluarga dan rakan tersayang..


Thursday, September 18, 2008

the pain...


just now I'd read about an article in kosmo. this article really grab my attention. you know what this is an article about the people of Aceh who work in our country. our government had provided them with shelter and jobs here as their country
, Aceh was fully destroyed by the tsunami. by the end of this year, they will be sent back to their country. in contrast, they themselves really hope to stay here and not go back their country.

KUALA LUMPUR - "Kalau boleh saya tidak mahu pulang ke Aceh kerana banyak kenangan pahit yang sukar dilupakan terutama bila terbayang saat-saat kematian keluarga tersayang."
from : kosmo online

see...now u may know they really hope not to go back to their country. As we all know, tsunami had attacked almost all the part of Aceh. the citizen there were very suffered and just a little number who survived. Most of them lost their mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and many more.

those Aceh people who don't want to go back to their country because they feel very sad as their memories about their family might appeared again. i feel very sorry for them. let we be in their shoes for couple of minutes. do you have the effort to go back to the country that had swallowed your family just in front your own eyes? for sure, no..

As the Syawal are around the corner, i just thought how can we celebrate it together with our relatives, new clothes and smiley face, but on the other side of the world, those people of Aceh might cry all the time remembering their family..hmm??

think about that , friends....

Monday, September 15, 2008


my best friend ever...
knowing u make me the happiest person in the world..
we'd share lots of things together...
u were there 4 me everytime i need u..
really miss u much..

how r u there??
in the new place that u dream for...UK..
hope u will be fine there with the new environment n friends...
i know u can do the best there..
just keep enjoying urself in UK...


hope 2 c u later...
myb 5 or 6 years later...
we hang out together again...

much more..

ok then...
hope to hear news from u..
enjoy ur first raye without ur family n friends there...
miss u lots..friends 4 ever :)

p/s : not 2 forget 2 all sspians who had study abroad, i miss u guys..
hmm..mas, kausar, ain faezah, yanie hani..who else??!! cant remember a..sorry :(

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

BuLaN muLiA :)

Bulan yg penuh dengan cabaran dan dugaan..
walaupun begitu, bulan ini bulan yg sgt mulia & penuh keberkatan..

Marilah rakan2,
kte gunakan sepenuh masa dalam memanfaatkan bulan ini..
Baca Quran, berzikir, dll..
Jauhilah kte drpd perkara2 yg mengurangkan pahala puasa kite..
cth: mendengar lagu, mengumpat, dll..

Abu Hurairah r.a meriwayatkan bahawa Rasulullah SAW bersabda :
"Umatku talah dikurniakan dengan lima perkara yang istimewa yang belum pernah pun diberikan kepada sesiapa pun sebelum mereka. Bau mulut daripada seorang Islam yang sedang berpuasa adalah lebih harum di sisi Allah daripada bau haruman kasturi. Ikan-ikan di lautan memohon istighfar(keampunan) ke atas mereka sehinggalah mereka berbuka puasa. Allah mempersiapkan dan menghiasi jannah yang khas setiap hari dan kemudian berfirman kepadanya : " Masanya telah hampir tiba bilamana hamba-hambaKu yang taat akan meninggalkan segala halangan-halangan yang besar (di dunia) dan akan mendatangimu. Pada bulan ini syaitan-syaitan yang durjana dirantaikan supaya tidak menggoda mereka ke arah maksiat-maksiat yang biasa mereka lakukan pada bulan-bulan selain Ramadhan. Pada malam terakhir bulan Ramadhan (orang-orang Islam yang berpuasa ini ) akan diampunkan.Maka sahabat-sahabat Rasulullah SAW pun bertanya : "Wahai Pesuruh Allah adakah itu malam Lailatul Qadr?" Dijawab oleh Rasulullah SAW "Tidak tetapi selayaknyalah seorang yang beramal itu diberi balasan setelah menyempurnakan tugasnya"


Dapatkan Mesej Bergambar di Sini

Friday, August 8, 2008


...i'm going back for this weekend...
...after staying at INTI about 3 weeks..
..huh..that is quite a long time..
..missing everyone..
...can't wait to see everyone at home..
.....my bedroom, here i come.......

Friday, July 25, 2008



Since the past few months I am in Russia I am glad to say that I have change a lot and I learnt a lot of things that I have missed during my past. I was not aware of the things around me that had drown me to the dreadful life before. Here, all the sisters took care of me I mean as in, they lead me to the right way..They didn’t force me to wear ‘HIJAB’ a.k.a tudung but they guide me to be a better person. They open up my heart and always reminded me that Allah has always knock our heart and tried to change us,but in the end everything is based on our ownself and belief. Everything starts from our own aqidah which leads to our iman.

We have usrah almost everyweek, tadabbur al-Quran, tazkirah and in fact ceramah. I am glad I was delighted to join. Not to say that during my school days I didn’t attend these kind of event. But it doesn’t seems to work for me because maybe I just don’t understand the true meaning of aqidah, iman and my beautiful Islam. Or maybe I was the one who didn’t even seems to care at all. Honestly,during my jahiliyah days in fact I still live with some of it now,i am not embarrassed to admit that because I am aware of it. I guess I was just holding the title islam in my IC n my name as a muslim which I don’t think I truly understand about it entirely. I pray 5 times in a day but I guess I don’t really go through and understand about it. Why do we have to pray? Ask yourself…

I keep on realizing that the things that I did in the past didn’t bring any benefits to me at all.. I dress up gorgeously outside,couple,holding hands and so on. What benefit do I got there? None? And for who am I dressing up for? The people out there is not even my husband and as a muslim,we all do know, "wanita solehah is meant for suami yang soleh" and what we have is only meant to be seen by our husband. We are too precious to be sold n to be shown too. This world is not my eternity. I have another world I have to go through. The world after the death of all slavers of Allah ,the day of JUDGEMENT..Kiamat..That is the world of eternity which meant I’m gonna be there forever. All my deeds will be counted to enable me to enter the precious Heaven or the burning hell.

But why in the world now people are all running for money,running for hot girls,running for position? Running to be the HOTTEST girl in town? But why none of us running for Allah? Why didn’t we search for Him? He is our Creator our lover,our God?? The question is WHY?? When I realize this I felt that how awful and how disgraced I was towards my religion. How terrible had I acted as a muslim. How I just realize that now. I’m beginning to question myself so many times. But everything needs changes right? I mean from bad to good ,to something good to even better.

Hey, I do know changes is the hardest thing to do in each and everyone of us because changes needs courage. That’s what I’m lack of now. I really need some support cause I’m not strong enough to pull myself to go through all this. This time I just noticed that it’s the people you mingle with will give a big impact to your life . Syukur alhamdulillah Allah had fated me to be with all the people who really loves and cares for me.

But that doesn’t mean we have to left or ignored our brothers or sisters who are still ‘blind’ about islam. I assume everyone knows that Islam teaches us not to left even one of our FAMILY members behind in what ever condition or situation it is. When I’m mentioning the word ‘family’ it means not only our ‘pure-blooded’ family, but our muslims brothers n sisters in the whole wide world. So you see, what I’m trying to stress out here is, when you see a muslim or someone that you know that pretty well, looks totally lost or drown to their own world. Just take a step and approach them,they need your help to guide them . Pull them together with you since all of us are depending on the same ‘rope’ which leads to Allah s.w.t.

I’ve been in this position before and I was one of them who’d lost the way,my heart was totally empty and rotten. Emptiness inside me was never been filled before until the day I was guided by the people here. Everyone who had made sins in the past doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a second chance. And doesn’t mean they deserve to be left out. Here, I’m shouting out to the people who are just like me,to make them realize that they can still change to be somebody better, although changes needs time but remember time doesn’t wait.

Come and pond a long brothers and sisters,what are we doing staring at the ceiling just thinking about our future? What if we died now? A few minutes later? Or tomorrow? We just don’t know we are able to live longer or not. When we think about our future,at the same time, think about our deeds. Is it enough for us to enter the extremely gorgeous and magnificent heaven? Think of it. It's still not to late to change. Hopefully all of us would be in the crowd who are blessed and be loved by al-mighty Allah s.wt. Insyaallah~

FROM: iluvislam.com

Friday, July 11, 2008

culture shock !!

finally it had been 2 weeks in INTI..1st time being here, i was very shocked..because theres a lot of chinese students..and this environment was differ from UM environment..here students r allow 2 wear casually..besides, the timetable was unpacked..
mmm,but..i learnt many new things...i met new friends who come from different religions and backgrounds..

unfrortunately, my room is at the top floor of the last block of our hostel which is SHAKESPEARS..huh..it takes about 15 minutes to go to my class..i really need to wake up early in the morning..but in positive side, walking all over to class is one of the exercise to make our body healthy..so, never mind la..

about the subjects!!! as a AUP student, SAT and TOEFL are compulsory for all because they are the requirement for entering US's university..other subjects that i studied were ENG101, MAT132, CSC101, SOC103..wah 1st time in my life i do learn about sosiology..what's that??

JPA put a level to allow us to fly to US later..1400/2400 in SAT and 2.5 in final exam..but i should put higher level for myself..>3.5 in final exam and >1800 in SAT..can i manage to acheive that level??!! hurmmm..i should believe in myself..chiok bell!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008


GO !!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Jika engkau memandang segalanya dari ALLAH,
Yang menciptakan segalanya,
Yang menimpakan ujian,
Yang menjadikan sakitnya hatimu,
Yang membuatkan keinginanmu terhalang,
serta menyusahkan kehidupanmu
pasti akan damai dan tenanglah hidupmu.
Kerana masakan ALLAH sengaja mentakdirkan
segalanya terhadapmu
untuk sesuatu yang sia-sia??
Bukan ALLAH tidak tahu derita hatimu,
pecah hatimu,
tapi mungkin itulah yang Dia mahu,
mungkin untuk menguji sedalam mana cinta,
dan pengorbananmu untuk-Nya,
juga kerana Dia tahu,
hati yang sebeginilah selalunya
lebih lunak, lebih dekat
dan lebih mudah akrab dengan-Nya...
Oleh itu, ingatlah Dia selalu
kerana Dia tidak pernah melupakan
dan meninggalkan kita...

Friday, June 20, 2008

2 weeks n 2 days..


really miss u...

lots of thing dat i cant forget about being a student there...


really enjoy being there..

orientation week..

huh..tiring n challenging..

but fun n great..

da actvt had improve maself lots..

it tought me to be discipline, use time wisely, punctual n even teamwork..

mmm..it help me 2 be tougher..

thnx facy..


da 1st friend dat i've met was ma roomate..

MIRA..she's wonderful person..

luckily we r in same course..

so we went 2 class together..

misz u..

ma best friend in PASUM is KINAH n MDNOOR..

both r in my group..

they really friendly n helpful..

we work 2gether as the highcom of Malam Seribu Kenangan..

dat moment was really unforgettable..

guys, i misz u lots..

last day b4 i left PASUM, i really sad...

bcoz i need left ma fwenz there..

but still da memeories of being da student there will not fade ever..

our friendship will last 4ever till death apart us..

lurv u guys..


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

>13 JUNE 2008<

mmm..dh lame x tulis blogkn??
act kebelakangan ni sgt sibuk dgn mcm2..
org slalunyer smbt burfdei gembire tp disyer amat menyedihkan buat diriku ni..
pd mulenye tpt jam 12.00AM, rmai kengkawan wish burfdei..
wah srnknyer..dats mean still rmai yg igt kat kte..
then pg 2, ma auntie pn wish..makcu plak bg hadiah..BLOUSE..cantik..
ptg 2 plak along dtg bwk KFC n CAKE..huh we really enjoy eating dat KFC..
then afta maghrib, ma atok @ ata dh start nazak..sumeorg dh dok keliling arwah n bace YASSIN..me 2..everyone was sad..
about 2 mins b4 isyak, ata dh btol2 nazak..everyone there including me..
mmm..lps jer isyak masuk, along mengesahkan ata dh xde..
lps 2 airmata pn berjujuran kuar..dat was the saddest moment 4 all of us..
later,jemaah surau pn dtg untuk tahlil..
so that day was an unforgetable day 4 me..
ibu kate nnt setiap tahun ble burfdei kaklong msti kaklong sedeh lagi2 nnt kat US..
mmm..mmg btol 2..
dh susah nk celebrate burfdei cm2..
walaubagaimanapun HIDUP MESTI DITERUSKAN..
yg berlalu dijadikan pengajaran..
semoge roh arwah akan ditempatkan dlm golongan org2 yg beriman..AMIN..
p/s: ibu plak bg purse tok burfdei present..

Thursday, May 15, 2008


huh...time is running out..less than a week i'll start to learn again..
but...it is a new life..university..
in this new life, i'll be facing new environment, new friends, new things n more....
mmm, i'm expecting to futher my study abroad but luck is not beside me..
but my fate is at UM..picture below..
for the foundation study in physical science..

hoping dat i can cope with da new environment there...
hoping dat i'll get a roommate dat i can make friend with..
hoping dat i understand everythings dat being taught 2 me..
hoping dat i'll finish my studies with flying colours..
hoping dat i will be on da right path..
hoping dat i learn more about islam...
hoping dat i'll become a good muslimah...
i really hope dat my DREAMS will come true later..

huh...so fwenz,
i really hope our friendship will never end..
till death apart us..
hope we all doing well in everythings we do..

do remember Allah always...
may Allah help us in any situations..

aja aja huaitik!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

>wanita & kupu-kupu<

Kupu-kupu tetap indah, cantik dan menawan. Sebilangan besar
kupu-kupu terbang pada waktu siang, hinggap pada
bunga-bungaan, menghirup manisan yang
tersembunyi di tengah-tengah kelopak bunga. Sesiapapun
pasti melirik apabilaterperasankan kelibat
kupu-kupu melintasi, hati sesiapapun ingin
memiliki keindahan, kecantikan dan keunikannya di
hujung jari.

Demikian Allah menjadikan wanita untuk
menghiasi bumi sebagaimana Allah menjadikan
kupu-kupu untuk menghiasi

Tanpa wanita,
dunia ini terasa sempit dan tidak seronok untuk
didiami. Kaum lelaki berasa rimas
sebagaimana Nabi Adam a.s.
pernah dilanda gelisah meskipun hidup dipenuhi
kenikmatan di syurga.Ternyata wanita cukup diperlukan dalam
kehidupan lelaki sebagaimana
bunga amat diperlukan kepada suntingan kupu-kupu
untuk merealisasikan proses pendebungaan.

Tanpa Siti Khadijah barangkali Rasulullah s.a.w. tidak
mendapatdorongan yang amat diperlukan untuk terus bangun,
berpegang teguh pada keyakinannya dan terus menyebarkan
agama yang terulung itu iaitu Islam.

Tanpa Sumaiyah, barangkali tidak terbuktilah betapa wanita
boleh berpegang teguh kepada keimanan meskipun
maut di depannya. Dan tanpa wanita, siapalah lelaki kerana
setiap lelaki lahir dari perut wanita.

Tetapi alangkah besar dan hebatnya peranan wanita dalam
merosakkan kehidupan lelaki, sebagaimana
besar dan hebatnya peranan kupu-kupu merosakkan
diri sendiri dengan menerjah api.

~Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal~

>jpa scolarship's interview<

about 4 weeks ago i had went to pic for the jpa's interview..actually the interview started at 2.30pm but i managed to get there at 12.30pm...wah i know its too early but it was Friday..ma father need to go to the mosque..as i arrived there, ma heart thumping very fast because there's a lots of candidates especially Chinese..we could count how many Malays there...
then i went straight forward to the name list's board..i search 4 ma name...i was glad because i could there were some Malays in ma group...ha lega rasenye..
while waiting the clock strike 2.30pm, i walk around the picc..even though i had been there 3 times but still i was stunt by the landscape...it was really wonderful n beautiful..it helped me to calm me down...

then at 2.30pm, we signed our attendances and being asked to send our certificated to the officer. after that our names were called up to enter the respective room. my group consisted of 2 males and 3 females.

so first of all, the interviewers introduced themselves friendly. both of them were females. after that, one of them asked us to introduce ourselves in Bahasa Melayu. sometimes we did not know what to tell about ourselves. so these were some important things that you should tell to the interviewers; your names, family's backgrounds, course that you applied and why, where do you want to study at.

then we started our discussions in English. first, the topic that we discussed is the pros and cons of IT. everyone had given their point excellently. the other topics that given to us were about " curricular activities" and "youth love to watch more entertainment programs than educational programs, why." for me the last topic was a little bit harder but as a group, we helped each others to speck out our brilliant ideas. last but not least, as usual we were asked to promote ourselves and tell why we should given the opportunities to get the scholarship.

after finish discussing, the interviewer told us that not all of us will get the scholar but they advised us to pray a lot. it is based of our luck. before we left the room, we shake both of their hands.

i know that i did not do as good as others but i really hope I'll get the scholar. for me, i am satisfied with myself and i believe that nothing is impossible. what i can do now is to pray a lots to Allah. anyway, thanks JPA!

Monday, April 21, 2008

~sweet memories~

mmm...wat a beautiful scenery....dai is ma school da well-known school in Malaysia..SEKOLAH SERI PUTERI CYBERJAYA...i had studied there about 5 years..

now i'm here as one of da ex-student of dis school..

dis great school have many experiences n educated teachers who really care their students like we are their own children..i miss u teachers!!

how about da students @ ma fwenz????

mmm....we are from around da country...so there are some of us from sabah n sarawak..

da great things about being fwenz with da sabahan, sarawakians n etc is we really enjoy their dialect...sometimes its funny coz we can't understand wat r they saying...heheheh..

guys, i miss u a lots...staying with them make me learns a lots about life..we always compete among us in every aspects especially in x-am...nabilah sifyan who i always compete with in ma x-am..coz she really work hard to get excellent results..u go girl!!

besides fwenz, i had da college sisters...one is a form 3 student n another is a form 2 student..

both r form terengganu...i treat them as ma own sisters...it is good to have them coz sometimes i'll get present from them..haha wat a lucky i am...hehe..

nur afikah idrus n tiara hanis ihsanuddin...dis two wonderful girls who i really care..they r my 'title'...they still study in ssp..tiara who is ma first sis..she is sitting for da spm x-am dis year...hope she will get str8 a in dat x-am..chiok2...afikah don't give up k..work hard...i miss both of u...
mmm....da naugthy batch PIONEER 0307..ma own batch..APPRENTICE TODAY LEADERS TOMORROW...love u guys a lots..hope fully i can go back there...nothing is better than having life in da great school SEKOLAH SERI PUTERI..