Thursday, December 11, 2008

selamat hari raya aidil-adha

salam to all..
just wanna wish to all muslim SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDIL-ADHA..

anyway, there had been a long time i didn't update my blog..actually past few weeks, I'd gone to Beijing with my parents..we stayed there for 5 days..Beijing is such a wonderful place to go for we went there in November, its temperature begun to decrease till 5 C..huh, very cold...lots of interesting places we went to..Summer Palace, Bird's Nest Stadium, the Great Wall and Forbidden the way, we also went to the oldest mosque in Beijing..vacation without shopping is nothing ryte??!! so, the tour guide brought us to the 'Pasar senggol' or supermarket..these pasar senggol are different with other pasar..interesting about them is that we need to bargain a lot..for instant, you can get a 500 Yuan bag only by 100 Yuan..huhu...unbelievable..whats more???!! hmmm...i think that's just an enjoyable vacation for me..LBNL, don't just read my experiences there, how about you guys experience it by yourselves..have fun:)

p/s: the pics will be uploaded later..


Anonymous said...


Abdul.Fatah.Firdaus said...

bile sekolah akan bermula ?


Fadhilah Raihan Lokman said...

wow bell!
bjalan sakan!
ak xpnh g oversea ,,

nyet... said...

ku dtg...
bak kte jason, amnde ntah yg scroll2 tuh.
tpi tu r ku na ckp =P

bell said...

> fatah : skolah strt 5 xtaw a ble kne blk sne..rsenye x kesah kot..

>roy : heheh...nnt ko bkl ke oversea gak..tunggu..

.farah. said...

seronok nye~~
summer palace,,
spt pnah ku dgr tmpt itu!
xsilap istana empress tzu si kn?
ke grand empress ntah.
mabok dah =P