Thursday, May 15, 2008


huh...time is running out..less than a week i'll start to learn again.. is a new
in this new life, i'll be facing new environment, new friends, new things n more....
mmm, i'm expecting to futher my study abroad but luck is not beside me..
but my fate is at UM..picture below..
for the foundation study in physical science..

hoping dat i can cope with da new environment there...
hoping dat i'll get a roommate dat i can make friend with..
hoping dat i understand everythings dat being taught 2 me..
hoping dat i'll finish my studies with flying colours..
hoping dat i will be on da right path..
hoping dat i learn more about islam...
hoping dat i'll become a good muslimah...
i really hope dat my DREAMS will come true later.. fwenz,
i really hope our friendship will never end..
till death apart us..
hope we all doing well in everythings we do..

do remember Allah always...
may Allah help us in any situations..

aja aja huaitik!!!

1 comment:

faddhiRaiYhan said...

pergh ,,
ko ni ,, mmg full bi erk wat blog ni ,, bgus2 ,,
improv kn english ,,
ku punye ,, broken je ,, huahuahua!