Friday, July 11, 2008

culture shock !!

finally it had been 2 weeks in INTI..1st time being here, i was very shocked..because theres a lot of chinese students..and this environment was differ from UM students r allow 2 wear casually..besides, the timetable was unpacked..
mmm,but..i learnt many new things...i met new friends who come from different religions and backgrounds..

unfrortunately, my room is at the top floor of the last block of our hostel which is takes about 15 minutes to go to my class..i really need to wake up early in the morning..but in positive side, walking all over to class is one of the exercise to make our body, never mind la..

about the subjects!!! as a AUP student, SAT and TOEFL are compulsory for all because they are the requirement for entering US's university..other subjects that i studied were ENG101, MAT132, CSC101, SOC103..wah 1st time in my life i do learn about sosiology..what's that??

JPA put a level to allow us to fly to US later..1400/2400 in SAT and 2.5 in final exam..but i should put higher level for myself..>3.5 in final exam and >1800 in SAT..can i manage to acheive that level??!! hurmmm..i should believe in myself..chiok bell!!!