Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Friday

here, black friday is the friday after the thanksgiving. But, i guess most of us know black friday as the shopping day. people prefer to come earlier to the outlet & wait so long just for entering the outlet. I had experienced it once. it was a great experience for me & my friends. Thanks liyana for joining us that night ;)

But, the not best thing about this black friday is that you tend to shopping without limit. not only shopping in-store, I did shopping online. i guess i had spent over the limit. huh. need to saving right now. and should remember that 'membazir tu amalan syaitan'...

after the black friday, it feels hard to get back to school.too many things to be done since during the break, i didn't do anything. quizzes, assignment, project, presentation...

Nabilah, get back to work! you have calculus's test this evening!
All calc peeps, good luck. Let try our best in this test. Ya Allah, please make this test easier for us. amin~

Saturday, November 27, 2010

forgive and forget

two friends are fighting with each other
fight for something that they do not agree in
they think they are right

after the fighting, they have not talk to each other anymore
they do not even smile
they do not look at each other faces too.

what happen?
where is the moral that Islam teach us?
Islam ask us to forgive one's wrongdoing

please my friend,
forgive her/him & forget the past
begin with something new & fresh!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Malaysian Night


Our Malaysian Night ended with a big applause.We had put all effort into it. And it turned to be an unforgettable moment for us.. :)Lots of things I had learnt through this event.

The best part of this event is that I got the opportunity to wear the Sabahan's costume. Never taught about it before :) It was a lovely costume. :)

Also, who said that conflict issue will remain as a conflict issue? Look what we had done for this Malaysian Night. We managed to bring the good side of the May 13 incident to the audience. UNITY is the main point of all this. Malay, Chinese, India & bumiputera can stand together in one nation peacefully. :)

Not to forget, through this event, I had made lots of new friends. Trying to speak English with them had build my confidence to talk in front of non-Malaysian.

LBNL, I really enjoy mself that night :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Janji Melayu

'Janji Melayu' merupakan frasa yang selalu kita dengar dalam kalangan masyarakat Melayu. Sikit-sikit je Janji Melayu. Kadang-kadang dah jadi kebiasaan bagi sesetengah pihak. Tapi adakah 'Janji melayu' ini sesuatu yang baik? Tepuk dada tanya selera.

Wahai masyarakat Melayu, bilakah anda mahu berubah? Sampai bilakah mentaliti 'Janji Melayu' ini perlu dipraktikkan sesama kita? Tahukah kamu bahawa dengan mentaliti macam ini, kamu pasti sukar untuk maju ke depan sebaris dengan masyarakat Cina yang lain?

'Janji Melayu' ini sangat merugikan banyak perkara dalam hidup kita terutamanya masa. Kita akan membuangkan masa orang lain yang menunggu kehadiran masyarakat Melayu dalam sesuatu majlis. Tidak lupa juga, kita lah yang akan merugikan diri kita sendiri.

Marilah kita berubah. Hapuskanlah mentaliti 'Janji Melayu' dalam pemikiran kita. Tepatilah janji-janji kita dan janganlah menyusahkan orang lain. Jika kita berubah, kita pasti akan mengecapi kejayaan pada masa akan datang.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

terima kasih

terima kasih kamu kamu dan kamu
sebab kamu semua penyedap hati ini
tanpa kamu semua, ku x dapat kawal emosi ini

terima kasih
thank you


Finally, I have enrolled for Spring 2011 classes.
I will take 5 courses + PE.

The courses are:

cs347 - Software development process
cs384 - Algorithm
ch116 - Chemistry 2
mgt244 - Microeconomic
hhs415 - Religion in America
pe200 - Badminton

Hope I can do better next semester.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A great day

Have a great day today.
Will share with all when I get back tomorrow.

Friday, November 5, 2010


it is hard to come out with a decision especially when it is involving many people.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Life in SIT

It has been more than two months, my friends and I left Malaysia. So, many things had happened around me and many things I had learnt here in US. US is not the same as Malaysia. US is much2 more bigger than Malaysia. Even New Jersey, the state where I live is bigger than Malaysia (I guess :)).

Hoboken is the city which my university is located. Stevens Ins. of Technology is beside the Hudson River. So, when I first time stepped out to SIT, it was really2 windy. I felt like flying away. Anyway, the scenery from SIT is very beautiful. I can even see the scenery of New York City from SIT. It was really2 awesome.

Here, I have made some new friends. Think back, it is good to have no Malaysian in one of my classes. At least, I can try to speak and work with them. This is the way to improve my communication skills and become more confident.

Also, my cooking skills has improved a lot. Now, I can cook ayam masak lemak, sup ayam, and many mores. Here, I need to be independent. Can't depend on my mum already. Whenever I want to eat something, I google the recipe from the internet. Right now, I feel like want to eat 'pudding buah', but couldn't find custard powder. Hope I can find it soon.

Before this, I never played badminton for real. I remember the moment where Tini and I played badminton behind our block. It was just for fun. But now, I am proud to say that I have been in a badminton tournament. Unbelievable right??!! hehe..unfortunately, I lost. I am here not only for study. But, I want to experience new things. Last week, it was my first time playing squash. It was really2 fun indeed. Thanks for those who had willingly taught us how to play it. :)

For now, I really2 enjoy myself here. I will use my time here to explore more about the unidentified life of mine.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Again, I couldn't write anything. I am out of ideas. I don't know what to share with all. Help..