Friday, November 7, 2008

tired but happy..

yey!! it's WEDNESDAY..time 2 go to sunway skatting..yey!!

waiting for the AIRPORT LINER bus..

at the PIZZA HUT..eating n chatting..there, i met ny old friends : amal n wani hashim..hurmm..but forgot to take pictures with them..

1st time skatting...nervous...from right (ifa, saf, n me)

with the INTIANZ..smiley faces :)

try be like the skaters..maybe can be the champion, who knows..heheh..

syafa n alyaa watched us from up...they went 4 shopping there not skatting..

hurmm...really fun there..but tired coz i needed to went back home straightly from there..need 2 leave my friends enjoying themselves..nway, hope to be on ice again later..maybe in US later :)


anis said...

comey gamba2.. hehehe..

Anonymous said...

Jatuh brp kali?

bell said...

bee, ak jth skali je taw...