Tuesday, April 22, 2008

>wanita & kupu-kupu<

Kupu-kupu tetap indah, cantik dan menawan. Sebilangan besar
kupu-kupu terbang pada waktu siang, hinggap pada
bunga-bungaan, menghirup manisan yang
tersembunyi di tengah-tengah kelopak bunga. Sesiapapun
pasti melirik apabilaterperasankan kelibat
kupu-kupu melintasi, hati sesiapapun ingin
memiliki keindahan, kecantikan dan keunikannya di
hujung jari.

Demikian Allah menjadikan wanita untuk
menghiasi bumi sebagaimana Allah menjadikan
kupu-kupu untuk menghiasi

Tanpa wanita,
dunia ini terasa sempit dan tidak seronok untuk
didiami. Kaum lelaki berasa rimas
sebagaimana Nabi Adam a.s.
pernah dilanda gelisah meskipun hidup dipenuhi
kenikmatan di syurga.Ternyata wanita cukup diperlukan dalam
kehidupan lelaki sebagaimana
bunga amat diperlukan kepada suntingan kupu-kupu
untuk merealisasikan proses pendebungaan.

Tanpa Siti Khadijah barangkali Rasulullah s.a.w. tidak
mendapatdorongan yang amat diperlukan untuk terus bangun,
berpegang teguh pada keyakinannya dan terus menyebarkan
agama yang terulung itu iaitu Islam.

Tanpa Sumaiyah, barangkali tidak terbuktilah betapa wanita
boleh berpegang teguh kepada keimanan meskipun
maut di depannya. Dan tanpa wanita, siapalah lelaki kerana
setiap lelaki lahir dari perut wanita.

Tetapi alangkah besar dan hebatnya peranan wanita dalam
merosakkan kehidupan lelaki, sebagaimana
besar dan hebatnya peranan kupu-kupu merosakkan
diri sendiri dengan menerjah api.

~Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal~

>jpa scolarship's interview<

about 4 weeks ago i had went to pic for the jpa's interview..actually the interview started at 2.30pm but i managed to get there at 12.30pm...wah i know its too early but it was Friday..ma father need to go to the mosque..as i arrived there, ma heart thumping very fast because there's a lots of candidates especially Chinese..we could count how many Malays there...
then i went straight forward to the name list's board..i search 4 ma name...i was glad because i could there were some Malays in ma group...ha lega rasenye..
while waiting the clock strike 2.30pm, i walk around the picc..even though i had been there 3 times but still i was stunt by the landscape...it was really wonderful n beautiful..it helped me to calm me down...

then at 2.30pm, we signed our attendances and being asked to send our certificated to the officer. after that our names were called up to enter the respective room. my group consisted of 2 males and 3 females.

so first of all, the interviewers introduced themselves friendly. both of them were females. after that, one of them asked us to introduce ourselves in Bahasa Melayu. sometimes we did not know what to tell about ourselves. so these were some important things that you should tell to the interviewers; your names, family's backgrounds, course that you applied and why, where do you want to study at.

then we started our discussions in English. first, the topic that we discussed is the pros and cons of IT. everyone had given their point excellently. the other topics that given to us were about " curricular activities" and "youth love to watch more entertainment programs than educational programs, why." for me the last topic was a little bit harder but as a group, we helped each others to speck out our brilliant ideas. last but not least, as usual we were asked to promote ourselves and tell why we should given the opportunities to get the scholarship.

after finish discussing, the interviewer told us that not all of us will get the scholar but they advised us to pray a lot. it is based of our luck. before we left the room, we shake both of their hands.

i know that i did not do as good as others but i really hope I'll get the scholar. for me, i am satisfied with myself and i believe that nothing is impossible. what i can do now is to pray a lots to Allah. anyway, thanks JPA!

Monday, April 21, 2008

~sweet memories~

mmm...wat a beautiful scenery....dai is ma school da well-known school in Malaysia..SEKOLAH SERI PUTERI CYBERJAYA...i had studied there about 5 years..

now i'm here as one of da ex-student of dis school..

dis great school have many experiences n educated teachers who really care their students like we are their own children..i miss u teachers!!

how about da students @ ma fwenz????

mmm....we are from around da country...so there are some of us from sabah n sarawak..

da great things about being fwenz with da sabahan, sarawakians n etc is we really enjoy their dialect...sometimes its funny coz we can't understand wat r they saying...heheheh..

guys, i miss u a lots...staying with them make me learns a lots about life..we always compete among us in every aspects especially in x-am...nabilah sifyan who i always compete with in ma x-am..coz she really work hard to get excellent results..u go girl!!

besides fwenz, i had da college sisters...one is a form 3 student n another is a form 2 student..

both r form terengganu...i treat them as ma own sisters...it is good to have them coz sometimes i'll get present from them..haha wat a lucky i am...hehe..

nur afikah idrus n tiara hanis ihsanuddin...dis two wonderful girls who i really care..they r my 'title'...they still study in ssp..tiara who is ma first sis..she is sitting for da spm x-am dis year...hope she will get str8 a in dat x-am..chiok2...afikah don't give up k..work hard...i miss both of u...
mmm....da naugthy batch PIONEER 0307..ma own batch..APPRENTICE TODAY LEADERS TOMORROW...love u guys a lots..hope fully i can go back there...nothing is better than having life in da great school SEKOLAH SERI PUTERI..