Monday, April 21, 2008

~sweet memories~

mmm...wat a beautiful scenery....dai is ma school da well-known school in Malaysia..SEKOLAH SERI PUTERI CYBERJAYA...i had studied there about 5 years..

now i'm here as one of da ex-student of dis school..

dis great school have many experiences n educated teachers who really care their students like we are their own children..i miss u teachers!!

how about da students @ ma fwenz????

mmm....we are from around da there are some of us from sabah n sarawak..

da great things about being fwenz with da sabahan, sarawakians n etc is we really enjoy their dialect...sometimes its funny coz we can't understand wat r they saying...heheheh..

guys, i miss u a lots...staying with them make me learns a lots about life..we always compete among us in every aspects especially in x-am...nabilah sifyan who i always compete with in ma x-am..coz she really work hard to get excellent results..u go girl!!

besides fwenz, i had da college is a form 3 student n another is a form 2 student..

both r form terengganu...i treat them as ma own is good to have them coz sometimes i'll get present from them..haha wat a lucky i am...hehe..

nur afikah idrus n tiara hanis ihsanuddin...dis two wonderful girls who i really care..they r my 'title'...they still study in ssp..tiara who is ma first sis..she is sitting for da spm x-am dis year...hope she will get str8 a in dat x-am..chiok2...afikah don't give up hard...i miss both of u...
mmm....da naugthy batch PIONEER own batch..APPRENTICE TODAY LEADERS u guys a lots..hope fully i can go back there...nothing is better than having life in da great school SEKOLAH SERI PUTERI..

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