Sunday, December 27, 2009


anak : mak, nak sidai baju kat luar ke??

mak : sidai la. kenape?

anak : cuaca macam x elok je. kalu sidai nanti, takut hujan plak.huh

mak : xpe la. sidai je. kalau dah mendung nanti kte angkat la.

anak : ok.

selepas beberape jam kemudian hujan pon turun. Akan tetapi, si anak x sempat mengangkat baju di luar.

anak : ala mak..hujan dah turun la..baju habes sume basah balek..haish..npe la cuaca camni..kejap hujan kejap panas..
(mengeluh lagi)

mak : ish..x baek la cakap camtu. cuaca ni kan anugerah Allah. tentu Dia ada sebab turunkan hujan & panas. Inikan satu ujian utk kite, supaye kite bersabar. Dah..jangan ckp macam tu lagi.

anak : ok2.
(dengan penuh kekesalan die memohon ampun kepada-Nya)


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Purdue (2)

baru smalam ku post pasal purdue kan..
hari ini, sebelum solat maghrib tadi, ku check email kejap..
and guess what?!?!
ku dpt email from purdue..
alhamdulillah..purdue telah terime application ku..
ku bersyukur sgt2..
x sangke..
thnx 4 da prayers :D
smoge kwn2 ku yang laen begitu juge..

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


hari ni ku dpt taw kwn baek ku dpt purdue..congrates tini.. :D
tp ak segembira die.. ak x dpt lagi nih..cuak nih..risau.takut.
ak harap sgt2 dpt purdue. purdue my 1st choice..
purdue rmai budak melayu.
kat purdue gak ade usrah.
tu yg penting sebenarnye..
bukan ku kata ku x ske uni laen..
tp uni laen cm maseh xde usrah.
so, cam takut. takut diriku ini terkeluar dr jalan yg lurus ini.
Ya Allah, berikan petunjuk kepada diriku ini walau di mana jua ku berada.

Monday, December 14, 2009

cuti-cuti malaysia part 1

sebagai seorang warganegara yang bertanggungjawab, kita hendaklah memajukan industri pelancongan negara kita. Oleh itu, saya sekeluarga akan melancong ke Kota Kinabalu untuk merasai kehidupan di negeri orang lain. :D Melancong sambil menyumbang ke arah kemajuan negara. :D Selepas saya pulang nanti, saya akan menceritakan keseronokan berada di sana. Selamat bercuti semua :D

Monday, December 7, 2009

life in boarding school~

ryte now, i'm stuck with my essay for Pitts. I know what I want to talk about, but I can't start writing it.huh. Nway, my friend had told me to write from ur bottom of ur heart. Maybe, i need to recall back my experience in SSP..hurmm, hope i can write it by tonight.chiok2!!

Give life..
L - love
I - inspiration
F - faith
E - encouragement
to everyone around you :D

Friday, November 13, 2009


i know i'm wrong..
i know i did something not good...
i know i broke my promise..
i know i make you upset...
i know i'm not a good friend..
i have good reason behind this...
i really2 sorry..
sorry from the bottom of my heart..
hope you will forgive me..

p/s : khas buat kawanku yang ku janji nk kuar bersame esok hari~

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

feeling no good..

yeah, 2 months of break!!!
but, right now feeling no good..
feel like something is not right...
feel like to be mad of something..
feel like unfair for someone...
feel uneasy..huhu

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

just think about it :D

" always come n go, but friends stay forever..."

~quote from 90210~

Monday, October 12, 2009


~people always married to whom they love, but I hope that i will love to whom that i married~
credit to Roy.

Friday, October 9, 2009

kerajinan itu satu kepayahan~


"haish..nape malas sgt nk study nih?? nape x leh nk rajin cm org laen??? huh"

hurmm...betul x?? Slalu kite berfikiran begitu kn???? Susah sgt nak dapat mood study tu...
Macam2 bende yg menghalang kite utk rajin belajar...lagi2 klu kte study depan laptop kn..
lagi susah..kadang2 org kate, "Ala..bukak laptop ni utk dgr lagu jer la..klu study cm biase nnt ngntok" tapi, last2 bukan study, tp bukak la bende yg slalu mmbantutkan kerajinan kite utk study..

having said so, kite kne cube lawan dri kite nih.. try blajar jd org yg rajin...rajin study..rajin wat assgnmnt..xde la last minute bru nk wat assgnmnt...silap2 ape yg kite buat tu habes markah kite nnt...

klu susah sgt nk rajin study, kite kne la buat sesuatu pd diri kite nih..Cam study without laptop ker...or letakkan azam utk x hampakn mak bapak kite..Di samping tuh, berdoalah kpd Yang Maha Kuasa supaya Dia berikan kerajinan dlm study, InsyaAllah, kite akn rajin study....

Ni sye mngingatkan diri sye jugak yg xde mood utk study nih. haish..

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I'm Phlegmatic-Sanguine


Yesterday, in usrah we talk about 4 different kinds of personality which are phlegmatic, sanguine, melancholic and choleric. So, we were all very excited to know which personality do we have. That is why some of us took the Personality Test online. So did i. And the result showed that i'm a Phlegmatic-Sanguine person. Below is the description of this personality.

If you are a phlegmatic-sanguine, your phlegmatic side will dominate. This will result in a greater tendency to introversion (though still less than a melancholic’s or pure phlegmatic’s). You are congenial and cooperative and get along well with most everyone. Because of your emphasis on harmony in relationships, you are peace-loving, conservative, well-balanced, easy-going, with a dry wit and a talent for bringing people together. As an employee, you are compliant, dutiful, orderly, and subdued (and probably were as a child too). Others may not realize that you have a sanguine side -- at first. It may take a little longer for you to make close friends (because you do not reveal your feelings or thoughts as readily as the more extraverted sanguine-phlegmatic), but once you do, your sanguine nature can assert itself. It will also show up when, for example, you have been so dutiful and compliant about work or school that finally you need to relax and unwind — and now the sanguine, fun-loving side comes out. Or, when you are hanging out with your closest friends.

You are very thoughtful of others, with a knack for empathically putting yourself in other people’s shoes, and value peace and harmony at all times. You also have a great sense of humor and an easy-going manner that makes you a valued friend. You are discouraged by criticism or negativity and need acceptance, support and cooperation in your personal life. You can be deeply wounded by sarcasm, harsh criticism, and anger when it is directed at you. You will not, however, directly fight back but prefer to “turn the other cheek” or redouble your efforts to please.

Phlegmatic-sanguines tend to prefer movies, concerts, or other forms of relaxation that are a bit more spectator-oriented. When they attend parties, they tend to prefer smaller groups, rather than the large social gatherings a pure sanguine enjoys. Like sanguine-phlegmatics, they are very attentive to relationships, to harmony among people. They have deep feelings, hate negative criticism, and become discouraged by negativity in those around them. They are strongly tempted to repress their own wishes in order to preserve peace in a relationship. A stressful situation (especially one that is interpersonally demanding) may cause the peaceful phlegmatic-sanguine to withdraw into solitary television watching, playing computer games, eating or sleeping, instead of directly expressing their negative feelings.

A danger for the phlegmatic-sanguine is to be satisfied with achieving less than what he is capable of -- whether because he tends not to plan for the future or because the more challenging goals seem to be “too much trouble.” A phlegmatic-sanguine will be strongly tempted to quit if he doesn’t think the end product is worth the effort or if he fears he won’t succeed. Perhaps the most besetting difficulties for this temperament mixture are the natural inclination to peace and quiet (tempting one to laziness), a preference to live within the moment (superficiality), and a tendency to make decisions based first on the desire to please someone else or to restore harmony.

In a relationship, the phlegmatic-sanguine is true-blue. He is likely to be a great listener, is willing to put others first, and has excellent mediatory skills. You are a supportive friend and a cooperative employee; however, this can cause you to say “yes” to demands of friends or colleagues, without first analyzing whether this choice is actually the best choice to make. At times, wanting to either please your good friends or avoid conflict either at home or at work, you may “go with the flow” when in fact a strong stance is necessary. Or, you may avoid a more demanding task or career move in order to maintain harmony and stability. If you find yourself “stuck in a rut” or avoiding making the extra effort required to make an important change, take time out to analyze your goals for the future, realign your priorities to reflect your values and, if necessary, seek spiritual direction to ensure that your values are aligned with God’s will for you.

If your temperament is phlegmatic-sanguine, for a better understanding of your temperament it is recommended that you read the full descriptions of the phlegmatic and sanguine.

So, that is the description of my personality. Is all of these true????? HURMM>>>

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Alhamdulillah. :)

finally, i can apply for Uni. of Iowa...
thanks Ms. Rebecca (the rep. on the US Fair)..
you r so nice..your explaination really help me..
this make me more excited to go there :D

Uni. of Iowa,
wait for me!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

family first..

hurmm..last week i was in dilemma..either to go back or to follow them to seremban??
hhuhu..finally i decided to go my friend said " first.." she was right...
so, i drove back after the class ended..
on saturday night, we celebrated Qeeb's bday in Pizza Hut, Wangsa Maju..
he is the only one son in family..

even there was no cake but still there were pizzas..delicious & nice...
nway, we had fun eating those pizzas...looking at the fire creckers..n many mores..
then we went back home...

so it was just a short qeeb, all the best in SPM..chaiyok2 :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Duit Raya

hurmm..I just came back from Hari Raya Holiday..feel a little bit sad coz this would be the last raya before i'm going to fly to US..huhu..nway the best thing about this hari raya was that i got lots of duit raya from relatives and friends..more than i expected.hehe..some people said that the older we are, the lesser the duit raya we got. but it seems not happened to me at all. i even got more than any of my siblings.hihi..

as for my family, we always being asked to keep our duit raya in the bank. i remember when i was little, i never used that duit raya. right now, i wonder why my parents didn't want us to use that money??!!? hurmm..i think my parents had thought about our future. those money may be useful for our future.maybe those money is for emergency or some other purposes like going to Hajj or marriage or else..who knows our future besides One The Only One, Allah, right?

Like Malay proverb 'sediakan payung sebelum hujan'. We need to be prepare as we dont know what will happened in our future. Anyway, I know that we all in this generation prefer to spend the duit raya for fun. Buying these and those..Me too.. ;D but let just think twice before spending those money. It is better for us to keep half of it in the bank or more. Others you may use to buy anything you want. So at the end you get both benefits fot future and for present. :D

So friends, decide what the best for you. If you think future is more important, then why wait anymore. Go to the bank and keep your duit raya there, before you finished spending those money :D

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Baca Al-Quran di Bulan Ramadhan~

alhamdulillah, dah 20 hari kita di bulan yang begitu mulia ini, Ramadhan Al-Karim. So, tanya diri kita ini, dah berapa banyak kita baca al-quran? dah berapa banyak kita berzikir? dah berapa banyak kita bangun malam untuk solat malam?? hurmm..tepuk dada tanya selera..

anyway, semalam ku ada terbaca satu hadis dalam sebuah buku nih, "Life is an Open Secret-Ramadhan Special" oleh Zabrina A. Bakar yang menyatakan kebaikan membaca al-quran di bulan Ramadhan.

"Whoever reads letter from The Book of Allah, he will have a reward. And the reward will be multipled by ten. I am not saying that "Alif, Laam, Meem" is a letter, rather I am saying that "Alif" is a letter, "Laam" is a letter, and "Meem" is a letter. So, increase your recitation of the Al-Quran to gain this merits, and to gain the following merits as well."

bestkan. 1 huruf = 10..kalau 15 huruf = 15 x 10 = 150..banyak tuh. ceramah semalam pula, pak cik ada bagitahu bahawa kalau kita baca satu ayat dalam Al-Quran di bulan ini, kita akan dapat pahala seperti baca seluruh Al-Quran dalam bulan yang lain. Menarik kan?!!?

konklusi, marilah kita mengisi sisa-sisa masa yang tinggal ini dengan membaca Al-Quran sebanyak-banyaknya. InsyaAllah dengan ini, kita akan dapat kemuliaan dan rahmat dari Allah..Amiin...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

pergi balai polis


program : lawatan ke balai polis

tempat : Balai Polis Sepang

kenderaan : WSG 790

pukul : 12 tgh hari

peserta : Bell, Shira & Norlida

tujuan :membuat laporan kehilangan IC

perasaan ketika tiba : cuak, takut..

perasaan ketika pulang : agak seronok..hehe...

catatan : polis2 kat citu agak mesra. terime kasih krn mlayan kami.. :D experiance..

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

welcome back~

being in INTI for 2 days already..
breaking fast here totally different from home..
huhu..nak makan byk2...
here, no choice..

nway, this new sem is totally diff..
just 7 weeks of classes..
1 subject..Linear Algebra..
huhu..really need to struggle a lots..
Allah plz help me..
make it easy for me to understand what mr. chan taught in class..

wah..cant imagine..
just left dis sem n another one sem..
then we will fly..

being in a group of this people, i feel so lucky..
thnx friends especially INTI-JPA 2008 batch..
u rock my world.. :)
these 2 sems,
lets us enjoy together-gether.
n lets achieve our ambition..
n lets fly together-gether..


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak


di kesempatan ini, saya ingin mengucapkan SELAMAT MENYAMBUT RAMADHAN AL-MUBARAK ini. Semoga kita memanfaatkan bulan ini sebaik-baiknya..

di bawah ini, saya sertakan satu video dr berkisarkan Ramadhan..sesuai utk tontonan anda..


Friday, August 21, 2009

result 3rd Sem..

result dis sem agak memuaskan..
ade peningktan..
trime kasih Allah atas segala-galanye..
trime kasih ibu & ayah atas dorongan..
trime kasih lecturer yang mengajar..
trime kasih kawan2 yang memberi tunjuk ajar & semangat..
trime kasih semue...
purdue tggu ku & rakan2 yer :D
nnt kami dtg..
esok TOEFL..
cuak..hope bleh buat dgn baek especially speaking..
doakan yer..

Saturday, August 15, 2009

dear friends..


time is so fast..
two years back,
we struggled together for SPM..
two years back,
we chit chat in the dorm..
two years back,
we even having tough n happy time together...
but now..
you will leave us here...
you will fly far-far away..
study there...
begin new life there...
new experiances..
but my friends,
don't forget your Iman..
your Islam..
your Ihsan..
and everything that you had learnt here..
so dear friends...
thanks for everything..
good luck & take care..
hope to see you later...
love you guys...

~this is special for Faas, Zerrote, Amal, Nana, Echa, Lynnot, Hanum, Fak, Rafah, Tika Amin and those who will be flying this year...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Penakluk Jerusalem~

Nak tahu tak satu cite yang agak best??
hari jumaat, ku telah singgah ke MPH, Alamanda. Di sana, ku ternampak sebuah buku bertajuk "Salahudin Ayubi-Penakluk Jerusalem". Wah bestnye. Ku bercadang untuk membelinye tetapi, harganye agak mahal. Ku pon membatalkan niat ini.huh..

Pada hari slase pulak, ayahku pulang ke rumah seperti biase. Kemudian, ayahku meletakkan sebuah buku di atas meja. Terkejut! kaget! Buku itu lah. Buku yang ku impikan. Buku Salahudin la...Bestnye. sungguh tidak ku duga. Kebetulan. Alhamdulillah.. :D

Hurmm...pada mlm itu jugak, ku mula membaca buku itu. Menarik. Setelah helaian demi helaian dibelek, minatku utk mengetahui ttg beliau smakin mendalam. seronok.

So, hari ni ku ingin berkongsi dengan anda tentang buku ini. Di dalam buku ini, terdapat sebuah cerita yg sngt menarik tentang kehebatan penkluk Jerusalem : Salahudin Al-Ayubi. Sekarang, ku sarankan sesiapa yang berminat, silelah bce buku ini nnt. Jika ade kelapangan mase nnt, i'Allah ku akan berkongsi tentang pahlawan Islam kite ini k.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Usaha + Doa + Tawakal = Kejayaan

ku tahu
kejayaan itu satu kenikmatan.
semue orang mahukan kejayaan.
kejayaan dalam peperiksaan,
kejayaan dalam kerjaya.

kejayaan itu sukar untuk dimiliki.
tanpa usaha, tiadalah kejayaan itu.
usaha itu bukan hanya sekadar sikit2.
usaha itu adlh usaha yg sungguh2,
hingga terase kepenatannya.
itulah usaha yang sebenar.

usaha sahaja x mencukupi utk kita capai bintang di langit.
doa juge perlu disertakan.
doa itukan permintaan kita kpd Tuhan.
doa itu jue senjata kita.
dengan pertolongan-Nya, kita i'Allah lg mudah berusahe.

usaha + doa masih x mencukupi.
setelah penat berusahe,
tawakal pula memainkan peranan.
dengan bertawakal, I'Allah,
Allah memberikan yang terbaik untuk kita.
dan ingatlah,
sesuatu yang baik itu x semestinye terbaik utk kita.
oleh itu,
berdoalah, agar Allah memberi kita yang terbaik utk kita k.

"Dan setelah kamu membulat tekad, maka hendaklah kamu bertawakal kepada Allah."
~surah Al-Imran : 159~

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Follow these tips !!!

salam... week final exam.owh.have u prepared?????
today, i'd like to share something with u guys.some tips that may help u during the exams. these tips i got it from the ceramah yesterday. so, lets see whats the tips are !?!

1. Always take ablution (wudu)
After we wake up in the morning, we have our wudu. When we want to go to exam, we have our wudu, as well as after finishing the exams. As ustaz said, this will make the examiners give higher marks. InsyaAllah. And with wudu, we may easily answer the exams. Allah will help us. InsyaAllah.

2. Recite surah Kahfi (18 : 1-110)
Recite this surah at least once during the exams week. As the surah is quite long, we can recite one page per day. Starts from today. You may finish it by the end of the exam week. Hope fully, by reciting this surah, Allah will help us in our studies.

3. Recite Ayat Kursi
As ustaz said yesterday, keep on reciting this ayat Kursi. When walking to the exams, recite this too.

4. Eat raisins (kismis)
Raisins have a lots of vitamins. It helps us with our memory and many mores. But remember, dont forget to selawat first before eat. :D

So friends..
These are what i got yesterday. is simple right ?!?!
so, lets try to follow the tips, ok??
anyway, GOOD LUCK FRIENDS !!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

can i be not happy???

seems like i'm okay..
seems like i'm always happy..
but truthly no..
i'm just normal student..
under lots of pressure..

can i be not happy??

Ya Allah..
give me strength to cope with this life..

Thursday, July 23, 2009

~2 friends with letter A~

..2 friends that had rock my life...
...both had been my classmates once..
..both have their names started with A..
..both wears spectacles...
..both are my friends..

..well.. lived below my room.. was my neighbour.. was born in JUNE.. was born in JULY.. always wears t-shirt.. always wears blouse..

..both are good friends..
..both are smart..
..both leave us here..
..both will be flying to US..

..i'm glad to have them as my friends..
..i'm happy to know you both..
..hope both of you will not forget us, here..

..they are...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kenapa & kenapa & kenapa???

salam 'alaik..

kadang-kadang ku terpikir..
kenape ku susah sgt nak jawap exam..
kenape ku susah sgt nak bce us history..
kenape ku susah sgt nak ingat formula..
kenape & kenape & kenape???

kadang-kadang ku terpikir..
wlp0n aku dah study bagai nak gle,
tp result x sebagus mereka yg lain..
wlpon dah ikut sume tips-tips,
tp masih buat careless mistake..
kenape ye???

ku rase mungkin sebab Allah nak uji ku kot..
ku rase mungkin ku x cukup mintak tolong Allah kot..
ku rase mungkin ku x cukup dekatkan diri kpd Allah kot..
ku rase mungkin ku mengabaikan Allah di saat ku sibuk menelaah..

owh Allah..
ampunkanlah hamba-Mu ini..
ku terleka..
ku lalai..

"Wahai manusia! Kamulah yang memerlukan Allah; Allah Dialah Maha Kaya ( tidak memerlukan sesuatu), Maha Terpuji." ~Surah Fatir [35-15]

Sungguh tersentuh dengan ayat di atas. Kita amatlah bergantung kepada-Nya dalam setiap sesuatu. Janganlah kita sakan belajar tapi kita lupa Allah. Kita lupa minta pertolongan Dia
untuk memudahkan pembelajaran kita. Kita lupa Allah. Na'uzubillah..

Ingatlah kita pada Allah..
Zikirlah kita kepada-Nya..
Semoga Dia senantiasa berada di sisi kita..


Friday, July 3, 2009

bermulalah dengan sesuatu yang menarik~

macam mana ek nak ajak orang laen pergi ceramah @ usrah???
hurmm..berfikir sejenak...

time usrah hari tu, k.izzati ade bagitahu kami pengalamannya untuk ajak junior2nye untuk join usrah. die kate, kalau kita nak ajak seseorang untuk melakukan sesuatu perkara yang baik, kita hendaklah bermula dengan sesuatu yang menarik. sesuatu yang dapat menarik minat mereka. apa ek????
hurmm... k.izzati kate, dengan MAKANAN...hah! betul x?!?! makanan adalah sesuatu yang menarik kan??? :-D

betul jugak kate k.izzati tu..contohnye, kwn ku ini mule join usrah sbb MAKANAN..sbb die diajak untuk join makan satay kajang(kalau x silapnya la) kat blok A. lepas tu, bermulalah ikatan perkenalan antara akak naqibah dengan mereka..wah bestkan..the power of food..hihi..

nway, tadi ku bace blog nisah..lepas tu, ku terfikir. agaknye kenape orang x join ceramah ek? mungkin sebab mereka xtaw ape yg ade dekat surau tyme malam jumaat tu kot..
meh ku kongsi sikit agenda yang ade kat surau pada mlm itu. solat maghrib, bacaan yassin, ceramah, solat isyak, & serba sedikit MAKANAN yg disediakan.. hah!! kan best tu. ade makanan.. lepas nih, kita bolehlah gunakan MAKANAN sbg salah satu cara untuk tarik kwn2 & adik2 kita untuk pergi ke surau pada malam jumaat..tpkan, later kita kne betulkan niat kita balik taw. pergi majlis ilmu itu kerana ALLAH. ha..tu yg sebetulnya taw..

betulkan, MAKANAN itu sesuatu yang menarik..
terima kasih kepada pemberi nikmat MAKANAN itu..
syukran ALLAH..

Friday, June 26, 2009

baiti jannati

salam 'alaik..
today is friday..time to go back for the intianz..
INTi will become quite and peace over the weekend..
less cars..more parking lot..:)

here i am..
staying back in INTI with others..
studying, chatting, moviing n much more..

actually, i just came back from home this afternoon..
staying in home really release the tension..
watching the television..
going to Giant..
breaking fast with family..
sisters joined us too..
"wah kakak, congrates pose penuh..
adeq plak, nanti cube lagi yer.."

oh no!
not finish yet..


Sunday, June 21, 2009

tagged by ara

1) Bekas kekasih saya - hurmm...sape yer..

2) Saya sedang mendengar shira & tini berborak

3) Mungkin saya patut bace us history..

4) Saya sukaberblogger..

5)Sahabat-sahabat saya semua orang terutamanya yang di INTI ini.

6) Saya tak fahamkenapa saya perlu buat tagged nih..

7) Saya kehilangan short-term memory XD.

8) Ramai yang berkata kata..

9) Cinta itu adalah sesuatu yang suci pabila ia dtg dengan keredaan Allah.

10) Di suatu tempat, seseorang sedang membenci aku??

11) Saya akan cubablajar sungguh2 agar dpt membanggakan ibu bapa ku..

12) Perkataan SELAMANYA membawa maksudforever n ever..

13) Telefon bimbit sayaade di sisi saya..

14) Bila saya terjaga saya bukak mata

15) Saya paling meluatdgn org yang ckp x serupa bikin..

16) Pesta/parti adalahberlebih-lebihan

17) Haiwan yang paling comel pernah saya temuikucing siam.

18) Peringkat umur yang paling menyeronokkan saya ialah13-17

19) Hari ini sye tertinggal kunci di bilik..

20) Malam ini saya akan bace us history..

21) Esok pula saya akanke kelas seperti biase..

22) Saya betul-betul inginkan 4.00 & jadi seorg muslimah yang sejati..

23) Ketika anda lihat wajah anda di hadapan cermin pagi ini hurmmm..

24) Pusat membeli-belah atau arked permainan - membeli-belah la..

25) Makanan Barat atau Jepun? both..

26) Bilik yang terang atau gelap? due-due p0n boleh.

27) Makanan segera adalahfast food

28) Ayat terakhir yang anda telah katakan pada seseorangthnx zimah & syira for the bear..

29) Siapa yang anda ingin tag:


Saturday, June 20, 2009


..salam semua...

...burung-burung terbang tinggi..
...menggapai si awan..
....berkicauan dengan merdu sekali....
....bersama rakan-rakan..

...indahnya alam ini..
...terpana aku dibuatnya..
..ku tertanya-tanya dalam diriku ini..
..siapakah penciptanya??

..hatiku berkata-kata..
..menjawab persoalan ini..
..Allah lah yang Maha kuasa..
..mencipta seluruh alam yang tesergam indah ini..

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

^ - ^



A & A+



Saturday, June 13, 2009

hARi iNi dLm sEjaRah

hari ini, ku genap 18 tahun. x sangka masa berlalu dgn pantas. dah 18 tahun ku hidup di bumi ini. Syukur Alhamdulillah...

Nak dibuatkan cerita, tepat pada jam 0000 (13/06) di common room blok M, ku telah terime byk msg dr rakan2 sekolah.gembira yg teramat. :-) bagi budak INTI pulak, tini & syahida jadi org pertama yg wish. Tini kate "sorry la bell..x dpt buat pape utk aku blanje makan.." hurmm..time tu, ade sedikit rase terkilan. tp takpe la. maybe bukan nasib ku utk sambut bday dgn rakan2.. :-(

lepas tu, ku p0n balik bilik. tp sebelum tu, ku singgah ke bilik latifah utk mengambil kunci yg telah ditinggalkan di situ. ku p0n membuka pintu ku seperti slalu.


huh..terkejut !!! tak sangke same skali. gembira x terkate. sampai tangan p0n sejuk cam ais. :-D wah bilikku telah dihiasi belon2 dgn cantik skali. so, bermula lah sesi memotong kek dan makan kek. sedap. ramai yg dtg. Almost 20 org la dlm bilik ku ini. sambil mkn, kami dihiburkan dgn beberape tayangan yg direka khas oleh Tini, Syafa, Ara, Amie & Alyaa. sweet sgt.. celebration 2 brjalan smpai pukul 4 la.. byk yg kami borakkan..siap ade truth or dare lg. tp cm truth jer. dare nyer x de haish..lepas nih sure ade yg berbakat utk jadi paparadzi Melodi..hihi..
kotak kek 'chocholate indulgence'

keesokan pula, family ku datang. kami breakfast di sebuah restoran di nilai square. lps 2, kami sempat singgah di Nilai Square utk beli baju raye..heheh..then, kami bergerak pulang ke INTI. Ibu hadiahkan sehelai blaus yg sgt lawa..jalur2 lagi tu. Thanx ibu. Ayah pulak sponsor kek n breakfast. thanks ayah. Adek2 pule bagi keychain. sweet. :-)..
~kek dr rumah~baju ibu bg~

Akhir kate, thanks kepada semue yang terlibat termasuklah yg wish through sms @ ym @ facebook @ manually, yg bg hadiah dan yg sponsor kek n everything..really fun and i do appriciate it so much. will never forget this moment. Btw, ku nak mintak maaf jugak klu pernah melukakan hati korang ke @ buat korg x puas hati ke taw. 0-0 k.. thanx again n sayang kamu sume :-)


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Al-Ma'tsurat??? Apakah itu???

rakan-rakan, tahukah anda apa itu Al-Ma'tsurat? Bagi yang bersekolah di asrama @ di sekolah agama, mungkin anda pernah membacanya. Tapi bagi yang tak pernah dengar tentang ini, saya akan mengupas sedikit tentang Al-Ma'tsurat ini.

Al-Ma'tsurat ini adalah himpunan do'a & zikir Rasulullah S.A.W. Baginda membacanya ketika pagi & petang. Do'a dan zikir ini dikumpul oleh Hasan Al-Bana dan dibukukan agar kita dapat membacanya dengan mudah.

Rakan-rakan, Al-Ma'tsurat ini banyak manfaatnya. Hal ini kerana, di dalamnya terkandung amalan-amalan yang dapat menguatkan iman, istighfar, mensyukuri nikmat, memohon kesihatan dan sebagainya.

hurmm..cakap pasal manfaat nih, saya ingin berkongsi sedikit tentang kisah benar yang berkaitan dengan keajaiban Al-Ma'tsurat ini. Begini ceritanya.....

Ada seorang pelajar ini. Dia adalah seorang murid Tingkatan 4 yang biasa-biasa aje. Takde la pandai sangat. Selalu dapat no 70+ / 178. Tetapi, suatu ketika dahulu, dia telah diperkenalkan dengan Al-Ma'tsurat ini. Dia amatlah tertarik akan Al-Ma'tsurat ini. Setiap pagi dia akan membaca Al-Ma'tsurat ini sebelum dia ke kelas. Amalan dia berterusan hinggalah dia meningkat umur ini.
Nak dibuatkan cerita, ketika dia mula beristiqamah dalam membaca Al-Ma'tsurat ini, dia sedang menduduki peperiksaan Mid-Term 1. Dia dapat merasakan bahawa hatinya sangat tenang semasa dia menjawab kertas peperiksaan itu. Dan usahanya telah membuahkan hasil. Dia mendapat keputusan yang sangat memberangsanagkan. No 11 / 178 !!! Wah, terkejut !! Tak pernah dia dapat keputusan yang sebagus itu. Bagi pelajar ini, amalan membaca Al-Ma'tsurat ini lah yang membantu dia berjaya dalam peperiksaan tersebut. Ini disebabkan, dia menjadi lebih dekat dengan Allah dan Allah sentiasa berada di sisinya.

Ha rakan-rakan. Macam mana? Hebat tak Al-Ma'tsurat ini? Hebatkan. Dengan membaca Al-Ma'tsurat ini, kita akan lebih dekat dengan Allah, Pencipta kita. Seronok. Bukan itu sahaja, kita juga akan mendapat pahala kerana telah melaksanakan sunnah Rasulullah SAW. Bukankah itu sangat bagus??

hurmm...Konklusinya, marilah kita amalkan pembacaan Al-Ma'tsurat ini. Kalau boleh pagi & petang. Kalau tak pun, buatlah sekali setiap hari. Moga-moga, dengan membaca Al-Ma'tsurat ini, hati kita akan sentiasa mengingati Allah dan sentiasa tenang serta bersih. Amin...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A day in ICSJ..

salam to all..
hmm..just now, my friend and i went to ICSJ to meet our lecturer, Mr. Bad.
ICSJ is different compared to INTI-UC. There, we can easily have our meals. Just name anything you want to eat. western? pizza hut? McD? Burger King? Subway? Korean food? many mores..
but that is not what i want to share with you..

Actually, we met Mr. Bad at the Restoran Majeed nearby the college. At first, we talked about our term paper and so on. Later, he started to talk about many things especially about religion. I am quite surprise to know that he quite a religious person. These are some particular things he told us there :
  • He said that Islam is not about praying, reciting Al-Quran, Hajj, Syahadah only. It is about everything around us. We are Islam. Other creatures are Islam too. Doing good things and leaving back the bad things are Islam. Islam is the way of life, right friends?
  • He also said that we better recite our prayer by using our own language. Means that if we Malay, we may recite in BM, Indian may recite in Tamil and Chinese may recite in Hokkien or Cantonese. This is because, we much more understand what we pray to ALLAH. But, it doesn't mean we cannot recite prayer in Arab. We still can but it is better to know the meaning first.
  • The last thing is that we should always think about death. Thinking about death can prevent us from doing the bad things. Anyway, we do not know when we will died, right? We might died tomorrow or even after a second. Who knows? Just only Allah knows about it.

So friends..Think and Practise..wassalam..

Saturday, May 30, 2009

~Wuduk ~

salam rakan-rakan..
Hari ini saya ingin berkongsi sedikit tentang wuduk. Sejak dibangku sekolah lagi kita tahu bahawa tanpa wuduk, tidak sah la solat kita. Tanpa wuduk, kita tidak boleh menyentuh Al-Quran. Tapi adakah kita tahu apakan signifikan wuduk sebenarnya??

Untuk pengetahuan semua, pemilihan anggota-anggota badan wajib wuduk sebenarnya ada kaitan dengan kisah Nadi Adam a.s serta isterinya, Hawa yang termakan buah kholdi dan menyebabkan mereka dijatuhkan ke bumi.

Pertama, muka. Kita perlu membersihkan muka ketika berwuduk kerana untuk mengenang kembali kesilapan Nabi Adam a.s dan Hawa yang terpandang ke pokok yang dilarang oleh Allah.

Kedua, tangan hingga ke siku. Hal ini adalah kerana atas kesilapan Nabi Adam a.s dan Hawa yang memetik buah pada pohon tersebut.

Ketiga, kepala. Kepala pula adalah untuk menunjukkan bahawa Nabi Adam a.s dan Hawa telah menyesal atas kesilapan yang telah mereka lakukan.

Yang terakhir, kaki. Kaki sebagai anggota wajib dalam wuduk kerana ingin menunjukkan kesilapan Nabi Adam a.s dan Hawa yang bergerak ke arah pokok yang dilarang oleh Allah.

hurmm..itu sahaja yang mampu ku kongsi bersama kali ini. Harap dapat menambahkan pengetahuan yang sedia ada. Wassalam..

Monday, May 25, 2009




hye everyone..hmm..what should i wrote ek???
owh ya...i like to share with u guys about my weekend in was wonderful.almost all da MCS members join this trip..2 buses..wah..thats a lot.we spent about 2 days n 2 nytes there..tired but fun..reallly release my tension..heheh..
there, we begun our day with beach cleaning..hmm..this activity was to clean the beach for the 'khidmat masyarakat' bad..later, in the evening, we had the 'sukaneka'..lari dlm guni, pijak2 belon, n many mores...really enjoy..XD..


BBQ at night!! thnx 2 mak tini for the food..delicious..yummy2..we also played the 'truth or dare' around the unggun api..wah..this was my first tyme taking care of the fire..even it burned my face, i still enjoy doing that...heheh..

~unggun api~ ~food~

da nxt day, .all started to dance like chicken..hehe..ltr we had volleyball n futsal match..others went kayaking, riding the horse n swimming..eating ice-cream too..hehe..
ltr, we check out n went back to inti after having 'ikan patin masak tempoyak' at Temerloh..yummmy...

anyway, this trip was very unforgettable..the thing is that i make new friends...i get to know the so on..wslm

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Selamat Hari Guru :-D


Engkau pemangkin kejayaanku,
Engkau pendidik yang terbilang,
Engkau penasihat yang terbaik,
Engkau ibu bapa di sekolah,
Engkaulah segala-galanya...

Aku tidak bermakna,
Aku tiada di sini,
Tidakku kenali kejayaan ini..

Sungguh banyak jasamu,
Tiada apa yang dapat ku gantikan,
Hanya kejayaan dan doa ku hadiahkan..
Terima kasih, guru..

Monday, May 11, 2009



"Manusia itu ibarat logam, baik ketika di masa Jahiliah, baik juga ketika di masa Islamnya, sekiranya dia faham" -sahih bukhari-

hmm..apa itu logam???apa ciri-ciri logam??? Logam boleh dilentur, dibentuk dan sangat berguna. Manusia iaitu kita diibaratkan seperti logam. Kenapa? Hal ini disebabkan manusia juga mudah dibentuk @ mudah dipengaruhi serta sangat berguna. Ketahuilah bahawa kita mudah dipengaruh oleh anasir-anasir jahat (syaitan). Syaitan itu berada di mana-mana termasuklah di dalam salur darah kita. Sekali sahaja syaitan pengaruh kita, mudahlah kita untuk melakukan dosa. Oleh itu, kita perlu selalu dekatkan diri dengan Allah agar dijauhi daripada syaitan.
Selain itu, kita adalah sangat berguna jika kita memahami kebolehan kita. Setiap manusia diciptakan dengan kebolehan masing-masing. Sepatutnya kita hendaklah menggunakan kebolehan kita untuk memajukan Islam, agama tercinta.Contohnya, dengan suara kita boleh bercerita tentang Islam kepada orang lain. Dan ingatlah bahawa manusia itu sebaik-baik makhluk.

"Sesungguhnya, Kami telah menciptakan manusia dalam bentuk sebaik-baiknya" (95 : 4)

Kesimpulannya, marilah kita mendekatkan diri kepada Allah agar kita dapat menjauhkan diri daripada godaaan syaitan. Marilah kita terokai kebolehan diri kita serta menggunakannya untuk kemajuan ummah.Wassalam.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

public speaking's book

hye fwenz...
i have public speaking's book that i want to sell..
if anyone interested to buy it, do contact me k..
the price, we will discuss later...

Monday, April 27, 2009


salam 'alaik...
btn oh btn..
ku sangkakan x bez
tp sebenarkan sangkaanku salah...


ku nk cerite la skit psl btn yg ku pegi baru2 nih..

hari pertama
-bertolak ke KBN Tg. Rhu
-kedatangan yg x disambut (rupe2nye ade miscommunication)
-perlantikan AJK

-taklimat & kertas kerja 1

pak penghulu : syazwan
pembantunye : mustaqim
mak penghulu : hidayah (act. sc)
pembantunye : wendy
imam : amir
bilal : ajim
n so on....
konklusinya, sume AJK2 amat brtanggungjawab...

hari kedua
-bgn pagi
-hujan (so, just ade perbarisan yg diketuai oleh mus (si pendiam)..hehe)
-kertas kerja 2 & 3 & 4 &
-ujian fizikal (yey..umur fisiolog
i ku 30++)
- LDK 1 (pembahagian kump..'Fikirkan boleh' name diberi)
konklusinya, boleh tahan la..byk input yg dapat..

hari ketiga -perbarisan
-LDK 2, 3, 4 & 5 (wlpun panas, kami teruskan jue)
-kembara (masuk paya..kami bekerjasama..bez)
konklusinya, laen kali bwk kasut yg dh x pkai utk masuk paya..ltr nnt, bleh buang..mcm ku..hehe

hari keempat
- lari 2km (berjaya!)
- LDK lagi

-absailling(x puas..nak wuat lagi)
-pertandingan nyanyian lagu2 patriotik (wah..ku berlakon..klaka
r kot..)
konklusinya, bez sume..berbakat rupenye kwn2 ku nih..

hari terakhir
-taklimat test
-kemas brg (yeye!!)
-test (alhmdllh..boleh..)
-mjls penutup (ku beri kom
en...terketar2 suara ku)
-naek bus & balik INTI (seronok :D)
konklusinya, persepsiku telah berubah...btn tidaklah bosan yg ku sangkakan..menarik..lg2 inilah pertama kali kami berkumpul sebagai 1 batch (wlpon separuh jer)..x kira melayu, cina, india..kami bersatu!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

i go first XD

....i'm going back home...
...bye2 inti...
....c u on monday..
...n lets enjoy our BTN camp..

Sunday, April 12, 2009

2nd sem..

da time went very fast like bullet train..
cant stop da time even for one second...
now, here we are..
at the end of our 2nd sem..
three more sems to go..
unbelieveble ryte...
lots of things happended this sem..
birthday celebrations..
n not to forget coming soon..BTN...

but...i really enjoy my life here..
no idea y...
maybe bcoz of fwenz all around me..
think so..
we stress together..
we eat together...
we happy together too...

see ya next sem k..
'kalau umur panjang, semoga kita bertemu lagi.'

Thursday, April 9, 2009




tetibe jer teringat kat kawan2 ku dahulu..rindu..beberape hari lepas, ku terime email from my best friend, Nabilah..wah, terharunye dpt sepucuk surat elektronik dr die..happy..x sangka die masih mengingatiku lg...thnx Nabilah..

smalam pule, sedang ku menelaah physics, phone ku berdering..tuptup skrin phone ku tertulis name Hudeq..kawan di ssp ku dulu..trkejut smpai x trkate la...happy sgt...kami pon berborak la..agaknye smpai setengah jam kot kami berborak..macam2 yang ku x boleh lupekan ialah tyme die tnye, "tu la Bell, ko pon x call ak, x msg a.."hmmm...
kejam ke aku ni??? nape la ak x slalu contact kwn2 ak??? adakah aku lupe mase kite bersame??? huh...

tp x sangke die call ku..x sangke la... sedih plak bile fikirkan yang kte sume dah meninggalkan alam persekolahan..betullah cakap cekgu bm ku dulu, "awak akan rindukan zaman persekolahan awak nanti, baik awak semua gunakan masa yang tinggal ni dengan kengkawan awak di sini sebaik-baiknye. Nanti semua dah berpecah..Sorang ke situ sorang ke sana...."
Ha'ah la..btol la..rindu..

kengkawan ku...
first thing, sorry for everything..sorry coz x contact korang..bukan sebab aku lupe kat kamu..
bukan sebab ku xde sebab....mungkin sebab diriku sendiri yang memikirkan itu x ku salah...korang kawanku..korang lah yang byk bantu ku sampai ke tahap ini..tanpa korang, aku x ke mana..thanx..

so klonklusinye, ingat la kengkawan anda walaupon di mane jue mereka berada..sayangilah mereka sementare mereka masih kawan anda...


Sunday, April 5, 2009


assalamualaikum all...
now, i'm alone in my room watching the rain to fall..
just now, i'd talk to my grandma...she will be going to Mecca for umrah..
wah, i'm happy for her..hmm...
i'm wondering when i hve dat chance to go to the most mustajab place..
like my dad said to me,
"study first.later after you hve ur own money, then you can go there too"..
can't wait for dat moment to come..

this week is such a week with lots of n there cakes..
at first, last saturday,
i ate cake from k.syura's wedding day...
later, on wednesday,
i ate birthday cake (celebrated nisah n farah's birthday)..
btw, in that evening,
i n bee n hanis had eaten a slice of cake that we bought from giant..
hmm..very2 delicious...we ate at the new place in INTI...nice XD..
last friday, we ate cake again..
this tyme k.sal n k.kd brought from bangi to celebrate those who born on Jan, Feb, March, n April...farah, nisah, bee, mirah, n syafa got presents from akak sweet..
we took lots of pictures...really enjoy dat moment....XD

anyway, one week more to final..huhu..
hve i prepared????
i'm not sure about dat..

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

1 litre of tears..sob2

salam 2 all...
how r u ryte now??
hmm..i'm quite sure all of u think dat i will talk about the japanese drama 1 litre of tears ryte???
but the truth is NO...
it is about me myself....hrmm...
i feel very upset with myself this sem...
i thought i can score this sem n back up my previous result..
but things happened another way...
cant really understand JAVA..just hoping 2 pass dat subject..
hurmm..still hoping 4 better result..
sorry ayah n ibu....
sorry 4 making u worried n disappointed...
i know i'm da eldest..should be the role model...
but if i cant, sorry again...
i'll try my best k.

My Lord, please help me and my friends to success in our studies as You the only one who can decide our path of life...Amin..

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


hmmm....sudah lama ku tidak meng'updated'kan blog ku ni..
tapi alhamdulillah, ku diberi masa untuk share ngan kawan-kawan tentang jawapan
bagi teka-teki yang lepas.

huuh..banyak betul jawapan yang ku terima dari kawan-kawan....ada yang kata kena tebuk lah, guna straw lah n etc...
yang sebenarnya, jawapan farah yang tepat sekali...kita kena masukkan air bersih yang sangat banyak ke dalam gelas tersebut...lepas tu, barulah air yang kotor keluar..hehehe:)

hmm..sebenarnya teka-teki ni bukan sekadar teka-teki.teka-teki ini ada maksud tersiratnya..
cuba kita lihat dari sudut lain pulak..bayangkan air yang kotor tu adalah perbuatan kotor kita yang dalam diri kita..betapa susahnya nak buangkan perbuatan tersebut...
tapi ada caranya..cara yang paling mujarab ialah dengan menambahkan amalan baik dengan banyak sekali ke dalam diri kita..setelah itu, kita patut memastikan bahawa kita tidak menambahkan perbuatan kotor pula..just tambah amalan yang baik sahaja.
insyaAllah diri (hati) kita akan bersih selepas itu..

hah..itulah cerita sebalik teka-teki ini...
hmmm...oleh itu, kawan-kawan ku sekalian..
marilah kita menambahkan amalan yang baik serta menjauhi perbuatan yang keji..
selamat beramal XD


Wednesday, February 25, 2009


kawan-kawan, hari ini saya ada satu teka-teki..kalau tahu jawapannya, silalah kongsi jawapannya ya..teka-tekinya berbunyi bergini :

macam mana nak keluarkan air
yang kotor dalam gelas,
tanpa menterbalikkan gelas itu??

hmmm..jawap jangan x jawap :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

selesai sudah...

salam 'alaik..

kini ku di bilik bee n hanis..menunggu mase utk ke kelas JAVA..penatnye :(
alhamdulillah..selesai sudah test physic n oral test (p.speaking)..
komen?!?!?!?! ntah la..dah lepas..skrg tawakal aje..

hmm..mggu lps skali lg ku tlh mghabiskan mse ku di INTI shje..x balek..
ku berkhemah di bilik tini brsme-sme hanis..huhu...
bersepah bilik tini dibuatnye..hehe XD
plbagai aktiviti kami buat..
antarannye : ~ maen volley (dh lme x men...smpai tgn sakit..)
~ men badminton
~ download nasyid2 yg bez
~ mghafal text for p.speaking
~ buat latihan physic smpai pecah otak
~ ronggeng ngn motor abg tini
~ dll.

hmm..mcm2 lg...ade mse kami emo..ade mse kami skali tu, kami wat keje gile skit..maenkan lagu dr lappy msg2 srntak...1 2 3 play...heheh..
2 la carenye kteorg release 10sion..
tp yg sre nye bez a berkumpul cm2...gabung katil, tdo kat skolah yg rindu tyme skolah dlu nih..huhu..
PIONEERS, rindu a korg sume XP

k...nak g klass dh nih..cuaca skrg cm nak ujan jer...xpe a..hujan rahmat..
wassalam ~

Thursday, February 5, 2009

tagged by Bee

A) People who have been tagged must write their answers in their blog.
B) Tag 8 people to do this quiz. (Those that are tagged
cannot refuse.)
C) Continue this game by tagging 8 other people.

1.What have you been doing recently?
just went back from Photography club's gathering night..n now eating burger.

2.Do you ever turn your cell phone off?

3.What happened at 10am today?
same as Bee..physics class..huhu..wandering what he taught us just now..

4.When did you last cry?
hmm..when a??long time ago maybe..can't remember..

5.Believe in fate/destiny?

6.What do you want in your life now?

7.Do you carry an umbrella when it rains or just put up your hood?
put up my hood when suddenly it's rainning..

8.What's your favourite thing to do on the bed?
sleeping n dreaming..zzzz

9.What bottoms are you wearing now?
my purple t-shirt n pants..

10.What's the nicest things in your inbox?
sweet msg from my mum n my sys..

11.Do you tend to make the relationship complicated?
hah?!?!no la...i'm just single n not available..xD

12.Are you wearing anything borrowed from anyone?
not really..just smetimes i borrowed things from my mum..

13.What was the last movie you caught?
hmm..cant remember...mybe maid of honour..

14.What are you proud of?
lots..the most is i proud of being a Muslims..

15.What does the oldest text msg in your inbox say?

salam..Hey guys! This my maxis n0..Keep in touch k! (Tini )

16.What was the last song you sang out loud?
no idea..

17.Do you have any nicknames?
1) bell (ring2)- friends..xD
2) kaklong- families..

18.What does the newest text say?
She said not at dis moment(ibu)..

19.What time did you go to bed last night?
12 am...after came back from usrah..

20.Are you currently happy?
just met a friend named i'm happy 2 know her..xD

21.Who gives you the best advise?
ibu..n Along(uncle)

22.Do you eat whipped cream straight from the can?

23.Who did you talk on the phone last night?

24.Is something bugging you now?
hmmm...what a?!?!

25.Who was the last person to make you laugh?

this tag is specially dedicated to:

-alyaa abdullah
-n anyone who interested in doing this tagged..

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

TaHuKah Kamu??


Rasulullah saw. bersabda bermaksud:
"Janganlah ada antara kamu yang bercita-cita handak mati.
Sekiranya ia seorang yang baik, mudah-mudahan ia
dapat menambahkan lagi kebaikan,
dan sekiranya ia seorang yang jahat, mudah-mudahan ia
dapat bertaubat kepada Allah."
~Riwayat Hadith Al-Bukhari & Muslim~

huraiannya :
1. Bercita-cita & berdoa untuk mati adalah haram walaupun kita dalam kesengsaraaan.

2. Kita perlu menambahkan lagi amalan ibadat kita kepada Allah selagi kita masih hidup.

3. Islam tidak membenarkan kita bercita-cita untuk mati, sebaliknya Islam menggalakkan kita untuk menambahkan ilmu pengetahuan demi kemajuan ummah.

Oleh itu, rakan2 ku sekalian, marilah kita gunakan masa yang ada ini untuk beribadat dan beramal kerana Allah. Sesungguhnya ajal itu di tangan Allah. Dan ingat, jangan sesekali kita berputus asa pabila ditimpa musibah. Bak kata kak Sal, "musibah itu rezeki jugak."
Renung-renungkan & selamat beramal:)

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wan's birthday

just wanna wish my grandmum

that day was an unpredictable day happened in my the morning, we all went to see the dentist in brother n i planned to do braces...but not my luck, i cant do braces there as i had finished my secondary school..btw, that clinic was a government clinic..hmmm...u know brother need to wait for another 3 or 4 years later to do the braces as the waiting list so long..huhuu..

later, we sent my grandmum home..n then we went to the new branch of Jaya Jusco in AU2..yey!!
that was the third time i've been there..this mall has lots of branded shop like Tropicana Life, Big Apple, Hindoe, Topgirl n etc..we had probably come into all the shops bro already plan to go there for HAri Raya long term btol la Naqeeb nih..haha..before leaving the mall, we stopped at the Rucini...there was a lovely handbag..but really expencive..huuhu...anyway, my mum still bought that handbag as a present for my grandmum..good daughter:)

we were bumped with a very good news...Auntie pregnant after waiting for a long period of time..yeye we will have a new members in our family..!!alhamdulillah..

n later,
ayah called "ha, nak beli kete ape??"
ibu, " kaklong, cepat pilih.."
hmm...i was very shocked n excited..unbelievable:)
finally, we choosed to buy MyVi bcoz it will be our long-term 2 weeks, we will soon get the car..yey!!huhu..cant imagine that moment:)

anyway,alhamdulillah..thanks Allah for the gift n happiness you gave to us..