Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Friday

here, black friday is the friday after the thanksgiving. But, i guess most of us know black friday as the shopping day. people prefer to come earlier to the outlet & wait so long just for entering the outlet. I had experienced it once. it was a great experience for me & my friends. Thanks liyana for joining us that night ;)

But, the not best thing about this black friday is that you tend to shopping without limit. not only shopping in-store, I did shopping online. i guess i had spent over the limit. huh. need to saving right now. and should remember that 'membazir tu amalan syaitan'...

after the black friday, it feels hard to get back to school.too many things to be done since during the break, i didn't do anything. quizzes, assignment, project, presentation...

Nabilah, get back to work! you have calculus's test this evening!
All calc peeps, good luck. Let try our best in this test. Ya Allah, please make this test easier for us. amin~


Tini Gishamsuddin said...

sronok tgok org shopping giler2 time black friday kan.. :D

Nabilah Farhana Yahya said...

a'ah seronok sgt..
tp tu la kengkadang kte kne watch out our nafsu..kang yg kehendak jadi keperluan, susah kang..habis duit.. ;)