Sunday, November 21, 2010

Malaysian Night


Our Malaysian Night ended with a big applause.We had put all effort into it. And it turned to be an unforgettable moment for us.. :)Lots of things I had learnt through this event.

The best part of this event is that I got the opportunity to wear the Sabahan's costume. Never taught about it before :) It was a lovely costume. :)

Also, who said that conflict issue will remain as a conflict issue? Look what we had done for this Malaysian Night. We managed to bring the good side of the May 13 incident to the audience. UNITY is the main point of all this. Malay, Chinese, India & bumiputera can stand together in one nation peacefully. :)

Not to forget, through this event, I had made lots of new friends. Trying to speak English with them had build my confidence to talk in front of non-Malaysian.

LBNL, I really enjoy mself that night :)

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