Thursday, July 30, 2009

Follow these tips !!!

salam... week final exam.owh.have u prepared?????
today, i'd like to share something with u guys.some tips that may help u during the exams. these tips i got it from the ceramah yesterday. so, lets see whats the tips are !?!

1. Always take ablution (wudu)
After we wake up in the morning, we have our wudu. When we want to go to exam, we have our wudu, as well as after finishing the exams. As ustaz said, this will make the examiners give higher marks. InsyaAllah. And with wudu, we may easily answer the exams. Allah will help us. InsyaAllah.

2. Recite surah Kahfi (18 : 1-110)
Recite this surah at least once during the exams week. As the surah is quite long, we can recite one page per day. Starts from today. You may finish it by the end of the exam week. Hope fully, by reciting this surah, Allah will help us in our studies.

3. Recite Ayat Kursi
As ustaz said yesterday, keep on reciting this ayat Kursi. When walking to the exams, recite this too.

4. Eat raisins (kismis)
Raisins have a lots of vitamins. It helps us with our memory and many mores. But remember, dont forget to selawat first before eat. :D

So friends..
These are what i got yesterday. is simple right ?!?!
so, lets try to follow the tips, ok??
anyway, GOOD LUCK FRIENDS !!!!


Anonymous said...

all the best final bell!

btw, aku nk mntk maap pasal us history. :(

Nabilah Farhana Yahya said...

to bee :
all da best too..
ala..ape yg mintk maap nye...
ak pon x mmpu utk penuhi rncgn kite ari2..

Syazwan said...

thnks bell for the post...
all the best for you.....

Anonymous said...

time kaseh bell atas post bell ni!
gud luk utk sume org jugak!!!

Nabilah Farhana Yahya said...

to syazwan : hal lah..itu kan dinamekan kerjesame..kite sume kne la sering berpesan-pesanan..all da best too..

to alyaa :
sesame..even ko x dpt dtg smlm pon, ko dpt gak isinye kn..

s.a.b.r.i.n.a said...

gudluck bell!!

+fairuz izyan+ said...

thnx 4 sharing..huu..wlaupun ter'miss' ceramah hr tu at least dpt tau maklumat ni..:D

Un Phat Lee said...

br nk post benda ni.but dh ade org xyah la bwt.:p

salam ziarah :D

Nabilah Farhana Yahya said...

to sabrina :
gudlark too dear..

to fairuz :
no hal lah.. :D

to phatlee :
yo lah..ala ko lmbt, ak post a dlu..nak tggu ko post, berkurunlah...heheh..memaen jer..
thnx 4 ziarah.. :D