Friday, April 1, 2011

new things

Salam and hi to all.

Suddenly I feel like I want to share with you guys regarding this matter. I want to persuade everyone to learn new things. Go and grab the chance to change your life. Don't be like a robot, doing the same thing all over again.

Few years back, I had taken the challenge to study abroad. I promise to myself that I want to use this opportunities to the fullest. So, here I am in United State right now.

I am speaking truth that I still don't have the courage to talk in front of the crowd especially in the American surrounding. But, days by days, I have learnt that I must change. I want to improve my self-esteem. So, at the beginning, I guess group work did help me a lot. At least I try to contribute some ideas in the group. From a sentence, now I can give more. Also, I have met new friends. Mike, Sean, Huidi and others are really nice. Even though I could not speak English very well, but they helped me a lot. Thanks guys!

Not just that. I had gone for skiing last winter. It was very great. At first, it was really painful since I did fall some times. But, life is about a learning process right! So, I learnt the skills, and I could manage to play it well. I was very excited.

Also, few days back I represented my homeroom for the debate competition. At first, I didn't think I can do that. I just want to be the reserve. But, as leader and other teammate said that I can do this, so I took this challenge. With their support, I managed to speak out. *My hands were really cold at that time*

A'ha! I almost forgot about one thing. Voluntary work. On last January, my friends and I did a voluntary work in New York. We helped a child care center to rearrange things that were donated to them. We met many different kind of people there. It was a very good experience.

After this, I will try to gain new experience. I will break my wings and take the challenge to move forward. Thank you Allah for giving me the opportunity to feel these new experiences. So guys, feel free. Go beyond our comfort zone. Let's try new things k! :D


rabi'ah said...

tadi cristian ajar aku xml weh. terharu aku. T_____T nk menangis dah time tu.

pastu sean tolong bkk pintu. T_T sume org buat baik dgn aku hari ni. gila rasa terharu cam nk menangis2.

Anonymous said...

alyaa : betol bell! mase ni la kite nak cube byk bende! n tmbh keyakinan kite! go bell go!
p/s : aku suke font ni :)

Nabilah Farhana Yahya said...

rabi'ah: a'ah..they are really nice kan :)

alyaa: yeah..jom :D

tiARa~~ said... br sy
kang x jumpa lak