Wednesday, June 16, 2010

interview for visa


hurmm..on this post i guess i want to share with u about the USA visa interview. Since some of my friends haven't done it yet, so i think it will help u some..

first thing first, before you go to the USA Embassy, you need to make sure all the things that you need to brings are in your bags. Passport, Confirmation Letter, Interview Appointment Letter, a specific size of photo, bank slip, SEVIS fee receipt, I-20, academic results, Fas letter from JPA & offer letter.

Then, make sure to come earlier than the appointment time. When you arrive there, you need to show your appointment letter and you IC. They will keep your IC at the front gate. Next, they will scan your bag & belongings. Also, for those who bring the handphone, you are required to leave it at the front gate. They will keep it safely. So, don't worry about it.

Next, you need to go straight inside the building. There, once again they will scan you and your belongings. If everything is fine, you can pick up your number and wait at the visitor waiting area. You may feel bored waiting your number to be called upon. So, you are advised to bring any reading material.

You will be called for 3 times. First counter, you have to pass up your passport, confirmation letter, bank slip and one photo. The next call, there will scan your fingerprints. And the last call is for the interview. Don't worry too much about the interview. They only ask for basic questions like have you been to us?, why are you going to us? & so on. They may ask for your academic results. Just prepare yourself :D

So, if you receive a small card, it means that you can collect your passport the next business day. But, if you receive an A4 yellow paper, it means that there is a problem with your application.

hurmm...i guess that's all..Last advice from me, be prepare and enjoy your time there :D

p/s: for the attire, just wear something that are simple but not too casual. ALL THE BEST !


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Thankyu bell bg info bergune :)

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tq bell. =)

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