Saturday, August 15, 2009

dear friends..


time is so fast..
two years back,
we struggled together for SPM..
two years back,
we chit chat in the dorm..
two years back,
we even having tough n happy time together...
but now..
you will leave us here...
you will fly far-far away..
study there...
begin new life there...
new experiances..
but my friends,
don't forget your Iman..
your Islam..
your Ihsan..
and everything that you had learnt here..
so dear friends...
thanks for everything..
good luck & take care..
hope to see you later...
love you guys...

~this is special for Faas, Zerrote, Amal, Nana, Echa, Lynnot, Hanum, Fak, Rafah, Tika Amin and those who will be flying this year...


Farihin Asnur said...

wah, ramai nyer..=) Nway dear, TQ SOO MUCH!^_^ InsyaAllah..selagi iman ada, insyaAllah..Allah tlg.

Syg kamu=) Apsal tak gi Mid Valley ari tu??


sEyfu zEro said...

aku sangat terharu bellll
thnx thnx!
aku tunggu kau kt us oke?
syg kau!