Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Omar Series


Today, I want to persuade each one of us to watch this drama series, "OMAR SERIES". I had watched it before last semester. It is really a very interesting and good drama. It is based on true stories of our beloved Prophet Muhammad saw and his companions. 

Believe me, you will like this drama!

Tell me my friend. Do we know all the stories during the Prophet Muhammad saw's life? How about the stories during Khulafa' Arrasyidin's periods? How about how Islam spread out to the world? 

We. as a muslim should know about our history. It is important because we do not want to repeat the same mistakes that they did before. Also, we want to learn from them on how to bring back our ad-deenul Islam. 

So, besides reading books about our history, we could watch this drama. Thanks to MBC for producing this such a wonderful drama.

From this drama :
  • I learnt that it is important to have support system for ourselves. This support system includes our families, friends and those you believe in you. It was really touching to see the relationships between Rasulullah saw and his companions as well as the believers. While one of them was having difficulties, the other would help him. 
  • I knew that someone who has great character would become a great person even after he has become a Muslim. For example, Umar Al-Khattab and Khalid Al-walid. Both of them played important roles in fighting against Rasulullah saw. However, when they had become Muslim, they used their potentials for the benefits of Islam. Umar Al-Khattab was a pointed as the Second Caliph and Khalid Al-walid was known as Allah's sword. 
  • I learnt the importance of Musyawarah (Discussion/ Meeting). Any decision would be made has to be agreed by the syura. A syura's decision is much better that one's decision. This is because a collective mind has a broad range of ideas and perspectives, and it would prevent from bias. 
  • I learnt that it is important to have a leader. In this drama, the syura immediately called up a meeting to choose their leader after the death of Rasulullah saw and Abu Bakar Assidiq. 
  • I learnt about some of the characteristic of a good friend. A good friend wants the best for his friends the same as he wants the best for himself. Sometimes he/she advised us for our own benefits. He/she did not want you to do something that against Allah's law. For instance, Umar Al Khattab fired Khalid Al-Walid because he did not want the Muslims believed that their victory is because of Khalid, but Allah. Allah is the One who gave them the victory. 
There are lots of other things that I have learnt from this TV Series. I really recommend all of you to watch this series. To those who already watched this series, let's share what you have learnt from it.

Here is the playlist for this series : http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA23D8DF57063041D 

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