Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lessons from Hurricane Sandy

Alhamdulillah, the power is back!! Thanks to those who worked so far to get the power back.
This Hurricane Sandy gave me lots of new things to learn from. Even though itself was not a very bad disaster to us in Hoboken, however the effects from it affect us a lot. I never thought it would take the whole weeks to recover Sandy. But things happened with reasons.
Here are some of the lessons I get from this incident.
First, prepare yourselves in terms of food, clothes, candles, flashlights and battery phone. At least keep supplies for 5 days, so that if anything happen, you can survive.

Second, when you faced power outage, be calm & patient. I know we will feel depress and stress especially when we couldn’t able to do many works and contact anyone else, but try to manage things in rational ways. Explain things well.

Third, when this kind of this incident happen, try to be apart of the communities. I am a little bit regret when I was not volunteered myself to help other people. I really like to see those people of Hoboken community. Those who have electricity, they will provide extension to let other people use it. Those who have food, they provide free food & drinks for those in need. Those who wants to help would help the rest to cleaning up the streets and parks. They are so nice

Forth, inform people who you know you Don’t make them worried about you. Keep updating what was happening. They all love you, so they really care about you. They want to know how are you doing. So let them know especially parents.

Lastly, think positive and pray. We must know that things happen with reasons. This might be a sign that He sent to us to reflect back ourselves. Have we thank Him on what He had gave to us? Have we become a good person that follows His orders?

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