Monday, August 1, 2011

Ramadhan Al-mubarak

It has been 3 weeks I am at home. Within 3 weeks, I kept it full with visiting my relatives. At first, I planned to go out with my old friends, but I didn't have time to do so. Sorry my friends. I put my first priority on my family.

Also, ramadhan is here sooner than past years. This year, I can fasting together with my family for almost 3 weeks. Although I couldn't celebrate Eid with my family, I will spend all the time fasting together with Ayah, Ibu, Adek2 & other family's members.

Anyway, I just wanna wish Happy Ramadhan Almubarak to all Muslims around the world. Hope we will use this opportunity to train ourselves to be a better man. insyaAllah.