Monday, July 11, 2011

He is always be with us


Today I learnt something through my journey back to Malaysia. I really love to sit beside the window, because I can see the view of the sky & clouds. It was so beautiful. :)

In the Incheon Airport, we rested before we take the tour around the city. After we passed through the immigration, I just realized my phone was not with me. Oh no! I panicked. But, alhamdulillah I tried to searched back at the last spot before we passed through the immigrant. And there it is :D

Anyway, this is just a short post to show that Allah had eased my problem. Thanks Allah :D


abomb123 said...

take care bell, sampai kang bgtau la aku :)

n said...

haha. kau tertinggal phone, aku terdrop luggage nyer tag tu. yg ada barcode utk luggage tu. mende ntah nama dia. dh la terjatuh kat tmpt org ramai lalu lalang.