Monday, October 4, 2010

life is unexpected


hye everyone, i'm had been a long time since i stop updating this blog.

Anyway, today i would like to share with all about life. Life is really2 unexpected. We don't what will happen next. Life is full of surprise. We can't predict our life. Also,we don't know when we will die.

What we know is only the present. The present that will shape our future. The present that can change our life. And the present that important to us. So, why don't we use our present wisely. Don't make things that we will regret one day. We should live to the fullest. Do the best as we can in everything we do.

But remember, not to live in the wrong way. Live based on our belief & deen. That is the best way of life.

So friends, lets create our present for our future. Do the best in everything. Lastly, start a day with Bismillah..

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