Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Beginning

salamu 'alaik.

today is my first weekend living outside of Malaysia.
New Jersey, here I am.
To study,
To make new friends,
To gain new experience,
To be more independent,
To learn about life.

everything goes well.
Just received our laptops,
Meet the dean to get the schedules.
Get the new no. phone.
meet the seniors.

Next week will be our first week of class.
will meet the prof.
meet the classmates.
n so on~

Hope i'll try to survive in here.
With God bless, i'm hoping that all of us will do best to become a great person not in the study only but in other aspects like our soul.insyaAllah.


petite girl said...

BELL<3 have fun there babe.take care bell:)

gReeN iS pEAce said...

all d best sis :)