Wednesday, January 27, 2010


salam.. is nothing much special about today. But i just want to share something.
i had planned to jog someday n finally i manage to do dat this evening..before i went down to jog, the weather seems to change. i was worry if it will rain. if rain, i could not jog la ryte..

anyway, i follow my heart dat said i must jog even just for 10 mins. so, i went down n started jogging around the block M till N and so on..jogging n jogging n jogging, then i realised that i had jog for about 20 mins but the rains didnt fall down..wah, amazing! even the cloud seems to be darker but the rains didnt fall down.interesting ryte..It is all His decision, ryte..seems that He accept my prayer n make my dream comes true..nice...

then, at night He makes the rains fall and the wind blow..since we were having usrah just now, i feel that the rains were meaningful like people alwayz said "hujan rahmat" was great.

LBNL, Allah is The One who make the decision, we only can plan for it.

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