Tuesday, January 19, 2010

:( -> :)

actually, i dont know how to start..
just wanna say that i felt lonely this few days..
i feel empty..
i feel down ryte now..
i dont know y i feel like this..
smetimes i feel dat i'm alone..
almaklumlah living in 4th floor..
who else want to climb up till this top floor, ryte..
nway, but when i think it back..
y should i feel lonely??? (huh..ngape la perlu pikir cmtu)
i'm not alone, ryte?!?!
there is someone dat alwayz be beside me..
whether i'm sad or i'm happy..
Allah, The Most Loving One..
alwayz be with us, ryte :)

'sesungguhnye penolongmu hanyalah Allah, Rasul-Nya, dan orang2 beriman yang melaksanakan solat dan menunaikan zakat, seraya tunduk (kepada Allah)' -5:55-

this phrase give big impact to me..
whenever i read this phrase, i feel very happy..
i feel dat i'm not alone anymore..
i know that He will help me in anything..
He will alwyz be beside me..
He will love me alwyaz..
He, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful..

p/s : thanx to nadiah for letting me borrow ur book (Dont Be Sad)..really help me..


nadiah said...
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nadiah said...

Salam Nabilah.

......for We are nearer to him than (his) jugular vein. (50:16)

Remember this.
And,don't be sad, okay?

P/S:I'll try to go to your room sometimes,eh?

Nabilah Farhana Yahya said...

wa'alaikumussalam nadiah..

ok..i'll remember dat verse alwyz..

thnx :)

feel free to come to my room..
i'm happy to have you as my friend :D

tulip putih said...

hye bell!
first time drop comment kat sini.=D

jgn sedih2 bell..

Nabilah Farhana Yahya said...

salam pika..
thanx 4 dropping here :D

ok..dh x sedih dah..
dah gmbire :)

thnx :)

Carly said...

Hope you feel better soon :)