Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wan's birthday

just wanna wish my grandmum

that day was an unpredictable day happened in my the morning, we all went to see the dentist in brother n i planned to do braces...but not my luck, i cant do braces there as i had finished my secondary school..btw, that clinic was a government clinic..hmmm...u know brother need to wait for another 3 or 4 years later to do the braces as the waiting list so long..huhuu..

later, we sent my grandmum home..n then we went to the new branch of Jaya Jusco in AU2..yey!!
that was the third time i've been there..this mall has lots of branded shop like Tropicana Life, Big Apple, Hindoe, Topgirl n etc..we had probably come into all the shops bro already plan to go there for HAri Raya long term btol la Naqeeb nih..haha..before leaving the mall, we stopped at the Rucini...there was a lovely handbag..but really expencive..huuhu...anyway, my mum still bought that handbag as a present for my grandmum..good daughter:)

we were bumped with a very good news...Auntie pregnant after waiting for a long period of time..yeye we will have a new members in our family..!!alhamdulillah..

n later,
ayah called "ha, nak beli kete ape??"
ibu, " kaklong, cepat pilih.."
hmm...i was very shocked n excited..unbelievable:)
finally, we choosed to buy MyVi bcoz it will be our long-term 2 weeks, we will soon get the car..yey!!huhu..cant imagine that moment:)

anyway,alhamdulillah..thanks Allah for the gift n happiness you gave to us..

Saturday, January 10, 2009

back to INTI again~

hmm...alhamdulillah..akhirnya selesai sudah kes jadual waktu ku untuk sem baru ni..tapi ku berase sedih sebab x dapat belajar calculus 2 dis sem..mungkin ade hikmah disebaliknye kot..think positif:)

anyway, sem ni banyak yang berubah..klasmate n jugak lecturers..kalau dulu klass sme dgn kwn sebatch tp skrg, klasmate dh cmpur dgn foreigners..not bad la..n lagi satu kali ni, pembelajaran start awl..1st day dah start belajar physics, psycho n csc..huhu...nxtweek dh start assignment public speaking (tjk: three unique things about your partner)..cuak gak rasenye..hmm...never mind la..i'll try to do my best in it..chaiyuk 2x..

good news...tahun baru cina nanti, ku cuti seminggu..lebih lame dr adik2 ku..yeye!!! isyk 2x..baru start class dh ingat cuti...hehehe..sampingan je ni..

:( tidak lupe juge takziah buat Nubhan n keluarga..semoge ayahmu ditempatkan dalam golongan orang2 yang beriman..Amin~

Friday, January 2, 2009

new year new goal!

few days ago i'd just came back from here n there :)'s great but then something bad happen...i got fever till can't even open my eyes..huh..

anyway, i feel better right now..n start packing for the new sem in INTI..tommorrow i'll go back to INTI..hmmm...

here it come the year of life...hmmm..really need to do lots of things this year...SAT...TOEFL..n other exams...strive for good, i can apply for my targeted university in US...maybe PURDUE..who knows..hehe... more play2 n find more info about the course k, bell..remember, make ayah n ibu proud of you :) :)