Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Duit Raya

hurmm..I just came back from Hari Raya Holiday..feel a little bit sad coz this would be the last raya before i'm going to fly to US..huhu..nway the best thing about this hari raya was that i got lots of duit raya from relatives and friends..more than i expected.hehe..some people said that the older we are, the lesser the duit raya we got. but it seems not happened to me at all. i even got more than any of my siblings.hihi..

as for my family, we always being asked to keep our duit raya in the bank. i remember when i was little, i never used that duit raya. right now, i wonder why my parents didn't want us to use that money??!!? hurmm..i think my parents had thought about our future. those money may be useful for our future.maybe those money is for emergency or some other purposes like going to Hajj or marriage or else..who knows our future besides One The Only One, Allah, right?

Like Malay proverb 'sediakan payung sebelum hujan'. We need to be prepare as we dont know what will happened in our future. Anyway, I know that we all in this generation prefer to spend the duit raya for fun. Buying these and those..Me too.. ;D but let just think twice before spending those money. It is better for us to keep half of it in the bank or more. Others you may use to buy anything you want. So at the end you get both benefits fot future and for present. :D

So friends, decide what the best for you. If you think future is more important, then why wait anymore. Go to the bank and keep your duit raya there, before you finished spending those money :D


Anonymous said...


duit raya,
simpan beli external hard disk..
simpan cite korea..

simpan gak kan bell??

Anonymous said...

duit x smpai seratus. malu je simpan bank. T_T

arabella said...

x aci2.knp ko dpt lg byk dr aku?
btw bell.selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin.
lupe nk reply kad rye ko ari 2.sorry ye.nway thanks.really appreciate it.
may our frenship last forever :)

Abdul.Fatah.Firdaus said...

total - rm25.
makan dua hari. habis.

Nabilah Farhana Yahya said...

to amie:
hehhe..bergune gak tuh..simpan cite korea..nnt leh la ak copy dr ko..hihi

to bee:
wat pe nak malu..bknnye bank x trime duit < 100..yg penting simpan. :D

to ara:
ntah a ara..ko dpt bpe duit rye??? xpe la..ak sje2 je bg kad rye tuh..bukan real pon..simple jer pon.i'Allah our fwenship last 4ever.

to fatah:
haha..tu mmg ptt xyah simpan..

Anonymous said...

x nak la. simpan kat umah je la. dalam kotak. atas rak buku.