Thursday, June 4, 2009

A day in ICSJ..

salam to all..
hmm..just now, my friend and i went to ICSJ to meet our lecturer, Mr. Bad.
ICSJ is different compared to INTI-UC. There, we can easily have our meals. Just name anything you want to eat. western? pizza hut? McD? Burger King? Subway? Korean food? many mores..
but that is not what i want to share with you..

Actually, we met Mr. Bad at the Restoran Majeed nearby the college. At first, we talked about our term paper and so on. Later, he started to talk about many things especially about religion. I am quite surprise to know that he quite a religious person. These are some particular things he told us there :
  • He said that Islam is not about praying, reciting Al-Quran, Hajj, Syahadah only. It is about everything around us. We are Islam. Other creatures are Islam too. Doing good things and leaving back the bad things are Islam. Islam is the way of life, right friends?
  • He also said that we better recite our prayer by using our own language. Means that if we Malay, we may recite in BM, Indian may recite in Tamil and Chinese may recite in Hokkien or Cantonese. This is because, we much more understand what we pray to ALLAH. But, it doesn't mean we cannot recite prayer in Arab. We still can but it is better to know the meaning first.
  • The last thing is that we should always think about death. Thinking about death can prevent us from doing the bad things. Anyway, we do not know when we will died, right? We might died tomorrow or even after a second. Who knows? Just only Allah knows about it.

So friends..Think and Practise..wassalam..


Anonymous said...

Peace Be UpoN yOu....

Some of his word can be used, other can't.

tiNi said...

err?? what do you mean by that anonymous?

nisa said...


look at what the knowlege is,
not the person who gave the knowlede
yup, no body's perfect
tadabbur alam
take lessons from wherever u go and from whoever u meet

dunno said...

kpd encik anonymous, tlg jelaskan ape yg die ckp yg x bley pakai??

Nabilah Farhana Yahya said...

to anonymous : hmm..nobody's perfect..we just took the good one only la...

to tini : abaikan jer ape yg die ckp tu.

to nisa : btol tu..nisa ku suke ayat ko yg nih 'take lessons from wherever u go and from whoever u meet.'

Abdul.Fatah.Firdaus said...

gambar pakai photoscape.
isi bagus.
apa yg saudara anonymous maksudkan?
tolong terangkan sebab kami tak tahu.

fikir said...

ye2. tolong terangkan. mane boleh abaikan je. kami2 ni perlu tawu juge.

tiNi said...

ooops!! seems like the curiosity level among this blog readers is increasing...

hmm pe yg mr bad ckp xleh pakai??
haa ini yg kite nk tau nih..
sbb pe?? sbb kite xtau..knpe xtau??sbb kite mls amik bile kite xtau, kite kene la cr jln utk tau..dan biler dh tau, bgtau la org len yg xtau.. so that sume org leh tau!!

*is it a kind of poem gak??oops merapu2!!

Nabilah Farhana Yahya said...

to fatah : to u..thnx

blog ku bukan utk korg buat spekulasi ke ape ke...
plz dont....x baek ckp bende yg x baek psl lecturer...

+farah+ said...

i know what ure trying to say.
in fact aku tau ape lg yg die ckp, tp x igt in details la.
diam :)