Sunday, April 5, 2009


assalamualaikum all...
now, i'm alone in my room watching the rain to fall..
just now, i'd talk to my grandma...she will be going to Mecca for umrah..
wah, i'm happy for her..hmm...
i'm wondering when i hve dat chance to go to the most mustajab place..
like my dad said to me,
"study first.later after you hve ur own money, then you can go there too"..
can't wait for dat moment to come..

this week is such a week with lots of n there cakes..
at first, last saturday,
i ate cake from k.syura's wedding day...
later, on wednesday,
i ate birthday cake (celebrated nisah n farah's birthday)..
btw, in that evening,
i n bee n hanis had eaten a slice of cake that we bought from giant..
hmm..very2 delicious...we ate at the new place in INTI...nice XD..
last friday, we ate cake again..
this tyme k.sal n k.kd brought from bangi to celebrate those who born on Jan, Feb, March, n April...farah, nisah, bee, mirah, n syafa got presents from akak sweet..
we took lots of pictures...really enjoy dat moment....XD

anyway, one week more to final..huhu..
hve i prepared????
i'm not sure about dat..


sabrina said...

bestnyee dpt mkn kek

tiNi said...

bile nk mkn cake bell plak ek??
birthday cake or wedding cake??
have a guess!!

Anonymous said...

aku nk tergelak je bler tgk gmbr tu..
tapi.... kek memang bes! xD

bell said...

to sab : a'ah mmg best..

to tini : hahah...bday coming!?!?!no nnt ak ajk ko taw tini..hehehe

to bee : heheh..ku pon..tgn spe la yg dlm gmbr tuh..ak pon xtaw..hihih

Anonymous said...

ntah tgn sape ntah..