Wednesday, November 19, 2008

lesen oh lesen

selepas tiga kali test, akhirnye berjaye gak aku dpt lesen P...
mungkin ade sesetengah org pikir mende nih pelik..
x kan smpai 3 kali test kot??!?~org kate
inilah kenyataan...
hari ni baru ak pass test jln raye buat kali ke-3..
parking plak due kali test taw..
biarla ape pn kate org..
aslkan aku pass...

result 1st sem..

how to start ek???
lets da story begin..
during da driving class, alyaa just pop up a msg to me..
"ko dh dpt rslt??"
oh what?!?!rslt???never know dat da rslt hd been release on dat day..huhh..cuak seyh..haisy, when da class will end nih??huh..

later..after mgrb, i log in da eramis n check my rslt..dup dap dup will be my rslt???is it ok??is it bad??? to say ek???not so good la....disappointed :(

what should i do hah?? i think i should concentrate more nxt sem like my friend said :
no more ym
no more movie
no more phone
no more anything..

Friday, November 7, 2008

tired but happy..

yey!! it's WEDNESDAY..time 2 go to sunway skatting..yey!!

waiting for the AIRPORT LINER bus..

at the PIZZA HUT..eating n chatting..there, i met ny old friends : amal n wani hashim..hurmm..but forgot to take pictures with them..

1st time skatting...nervous...from right (ifa, saf, n me)

with the INTIANZ..smiley faces :)

try be like the skaters..maybe can be the champion, who knows..heheh..

syafa n alyaa watched us from up...they went 4 shopping there not skatting..

hurmm...really fun there..but tired coz i needed to went back home straightly from there..need 2 leave my friends enjoying themselves..nway, hope to be on ice again later..maybe in US later :)


alhamdulillah..finally, i'd finish my 1st sem in!! really fast..nvr thought it will be dat fast..nway, totally njoy myself there with new friends..studying, chatting, eating, cooking ( ???) n etc..

hurmm..before about the exam??? ok?? or not okay???
huh...i admitted that the exam was very hard...but i'd try my best in it..hope i will get excellent result ( 21 nov will show either i was really study or not)..ok bell..just pray to Allah n redha with His decision..

pictures above were taken during the exam week..

Saturday, November 1, 2008

~sunway piramid~

3 days 2 go
sunway piramid is waiting for THE INTIANZ
ice skating


why must dizzy right now...
feel hungry too....
want to study sosio...
what should i do???